Pc wont see slave hard drive!!

  jono366 20:56 11 Feb 2005

I have just put a new hard drive in my pc as a slave drive and i cant see it when i open My Computer. It does see it on the first post screen and in Devive manager but it is not in Disk manager. This drive is new and i know it works. I am running Win xp pro with 1mb ram and amd xp28 cpu with a gigabyte m/board. Never seen this problem before. Hope someone can help.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:58 11 Feb 2005

Check the jumper settings on it - ensure that it is set as slave.

  SANTOS7 21:03 11 Feb 2005

If it is a maxtor HDD, remove the jumper block completely..........

  jono366 21:03 11 Feb 2005

It is set on slave that i have checked..... i have also checked conections and made sure it has its own power supply(not going through one of my fans).

  jono366 21:05 11 Feb 2005

It is a ibm deskstar 160 gig.

  bazb 21:09 11 Feb 2005

In order for a drive to be visible in My Computer it must be partitioned. In Windows 2000 or XP you may use the Disk Management Utility to partition the drive.
Accessing Disk Management and partitioning the drive:
Right-click on "My Computer".
Select "Manage"
In the new window, Computer Management, select "Disk Management" in the left-hand panel.
Note: If you are using XP and you do not see the "My Computer" icon on the desktop you may find it under the Start Menu. Right-click "My Computer" under the Start Menu and follow the steps mentioned above.
A new wizard may appear, "Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard". This wizard appears when the disk is not initialized. In order for Windows to create a partition the drive must be initialized (XP) or "Write a Signature" (2000). If the drive is not going to be setup in a RAID environment do not convert the drive to Dynamic.

After completing the "Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard" the drive needs to be partitioned. The initialized drive will display the available "Unallocated" space. To partition the drive Right-click on the "Unallocated" region and select either "New Partition or Create Partition".

  jono366 21:19 11 Feb 2005

This drive has been partitioned. My Brother done that for me on his pc and there is things on the drive that i need to get.... that is why i know the drive works.

  jono366 21:26 11 Feb 2005

Ok...... i am a fool.....It is listed in disk managment........ it has been partitioned as dynamic....... can i get it off of this without loosing everything on it??

  jono366 21:29 11 Feb 2005

Or is there someway i can get to read what is on it before i convert to basic disk?

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