pc wont run help it keeps restarting

  t.j.s 12:30 17 Sep 2015

My pc wont start .. It keeps reboting without even starting just after 2 sec wht should i do

  Jollyjohn 13:12 17 Sep 2015

Pull the plug. Open the case and trace the wires form the front panel to the motherboard. If you have a manual for your motherboard it will help you identify the power switch wires. Carefully remove the wires, if you have a Reset switch, carefully remove these wires as well.

With the case still open, plug in and using a small screwdriver short out the power pins briefly. If PC starts then your power switch is broken, quick fix, use the reset switch by connecting reset wires to power pins.

  t.j.s 13:55 17 Sep 2015

thx 4 yr answer but i didn't understand what you said ... if you could give me a video that would really help !

  t.j.s 14:02 17 Sep 2015

my manual

click here

  t.j.s 14:26 17 Sep 2015

it started by it self as you said ... then i should do what ? plz

  Jollyjohn 15:00 17 Sep 2015

If it started OK then it is the power switch on the case that is shorting out. Quick fix is to use the reset switch. if you have one as the power switch.

Proper fix will involve removing front of case, remove power switch, find a replacement, try Maplin, and put it all back together.

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