PC won't "restart"

  pj123 11:05 18 Dec 2004

After an installation it very often requires a "restart" as opposed to a "shut down" and reboot. But a friend's computer won't do that.

It gets as far as the "updating" screen (white text on black background" and stops. It has to be physically switched off and then on again. It then only starts in Safe Mode. So a Start, Shutdown, Shutdown is required and then a reboot.

He has tried reinstalling Windows (Win 98SE)over the top but that has made no difference. Has also tried sfc but there doesn't appear to be any missing/corrupt files. He has also tried Norton Systemworks and fixed all problems found.

Any suggestions, please.

  spanneress 11:50 18 Dec 2004

Sorry - I have re-read this a coupl eof times and it is still not making much sense to me...am I being a bit dense this morning? Have you tried a soft boot (Ctrl+Alt+Del)...It's your middel paragraph that confuses me...

  pj123 12:24 18 Dec 2004

spanneress, no I don't think it is you.

Try this:

Start, Shutdown, Restart.

Now, as far as I know the computer will shutdown and then restart automatically. Mine does (Win 98SE) Just tried it.

My friend's doesn't, it gets as far as the black screen with white text and a flashing cursor at the top of the screen. That's it.

The same thing happens if you do (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

Once you have physically switched it off and on you get the usual Scandisk because you didn't shutdown properly etc... But it will then only start in Safe Mode.

  VoG II 12:27 18 Dec 2004

It could be all sorts click here

  pj123 13:18 18 Dec 2004

Thanks VoG™. There is a lot there to take in so I will print it out and read in my convenience.

  Graham ® 13:21 18 Dec 2004

Wash your hands afterwards.

  pj123 13:25 18 Dec 2004

Graham ®, yes of course.

  pj123 11:17 23 Dec 2004

I won't see this person now until the end of January next year. I will close the thread for now. If the printout I got from VoG™ link works I will leave it as solved. If not I will repost.


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