PC won't remember passwords

  griffo 21:59 10 Jun 2003

there are many applications/websites that require passwords and where there is an option to tick the box "remember password?"

My PC won't remember passwords when this option is selected. I'm using XP Pro. Anyone know a fix for this please?

  rawprawn 22:14 10 Jun 2003

Go to internet Options/ Content tab / click on Auto complete, make sure there is a tick in user names & passwords

  Simsy 22:28 10 Jun 2003

performed by cookies...

You need to hav cookies enabled, and not being deleted.

With apologies if this is not the problem!



  Simsy 15:48 11 Jun 2003

depends on which version of windows you have, (I suspect!), and also, possibly, it may vary if you are using a browser other than "Internet Explorer"

In Win98 it's via Start>Settings>ControlPanel>InternetOptions>Privacy

I hope this helps,



  rawprawn 19:43 11 Jun 2003

I got your email request, at the moment the only other thing I can thik of is this. Go to internet options/Privacy/advanced/ make sure the box marked override cookies is not checked. if it is either uncheck it, or reconfigure to make sure they are not blocked. If I think of anything else I have your email address & I will let you know.

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