PC Won't read all memory?????

  catman2000 22:24 07 May 2003

Hi all, i have bought 512mb ram, (PC100) but my machine is reading just 320???

This is also with my old stick of 64mb attached as well. I have a tiny pc, motherboard PAG-2130.

Any help will be appreciated......

  Zaxifone 22:45 07 May 2003

I think your board only supports 256MB Ram chips. Is the 512MB 1x512MB or 2x256MB?


  catman2000 22:47 07 May 2003

Hi Zaxifone, they are both 256 chips. I checked the m/board site to make sure i could use 512, and it says it can. Bear in mind that without the old 64meg chip that was in there, it was only reading about 290mb????

  Zaxifone 22:53 07 May 2003

You could try the chips in one at a time and see what they register. Sounds like one of them could be faulty. Also, try moving them around in the memory banks, one may be needing cleaned...


  catman2000 22:56 07 May 2003

i will try cleaning them etc, but even when i put them in one at a time they are reading about half....hmmmm, do you think they could be branded incorrectly, that is something i hadn't thought of......

  Zaxifone 23:00 07 May 2003

Does the 64MB one have chips up both sides, but the others only have chips up one side by any chance?


  catman2000 23:04 07 May 2003

all up both sides.....

  Zaxifone 23:12 07 May 2003

And the 64mb one reports correctly? Hmmm....strange one...I suppose it is possible that they could be branded incorrectly. Can you try them in another computer?


  DieSse 00:12 08 May 2003

Alamost ceratinly it is because older motherboards only recognise ceratin data organisations in the chips - particularly the difference may be that they only recognise 32 bit data chips. For instance a 512 Mbit chip may be 8x64 bits - or 16x32 bits. On older m/boards the first would work, the second would show as half the true. capacity.

So your 512Mbyte chip would show as 256Mb - plus your original 64Mb = 320Mb.

  catman2000 08:41 08 May 2003

Thanks for your suggestions, i'll try the chips in another PC, if they work, i guess i'll live with it!

Thanks again

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