PC won't Powerdown

  segandy 23:01 23 Feb 2005

A looooooooong tale.

A friend of mine asked me to have a look at his PC as it wasn't shutting down. I tried all of the suggestions in Windows help, but they didn't make any difference. I formatted and reinstalled XP, and shut down the PC a number of times manually (ie Start, Turn off Computer, Turn Off) without a problem. I continued to install various pieces of software such as drivers, firewall, Power DVD and Avast anti-Virus, again manually turning off at various stages. He is a member of AOL and when I installed that there were connection problems, so I tried to shut down manually, but got to the Windows is shutting down screen, where the system hung, after a 'click' inside the tower. I formatted and reinstalled again, it turned off with just XP installed, but again the PC wouldn't shut down, so I disabled the Network adapter, as suggested by XP's help, and the thing shutdown without a hitch every time. 'Great', I thought. I installed Avast Anti-virus, and guess what? The thing wouldn't shut down again even after uninstalling it. As I said I've tried all of the suggestions in XP's help including the ones using MSCONFIG and System Restore. I don't think it's anything to do with Avast as I successfully shut down with it installed earlier on in the day, and I also had this prob with just XP installed (no drivers). Does anybdy think it could be the onboard LAN? I'm currently formatting again and awaiting any help.............................

Cheers Andy

  segandy 23:02 23 Feb 2005

A bit more info after some more 'dabbling' -
Everytime I put a new piece of software on it does the same thing. If I unplug the PC, turn on and reboot and everything's fine, until I put a new program on. It's not the HDD as I've tried it in my PC without a hitch, and I don't think it's the software as I've tried 2 different copies of XP Pro and a copy of XP Home with the same results.

Possibly the motherboard or processor?

  curlylad 23:39 23 Feb 2005

Have you tried start , run , type sfc /scannow ?

  curlylad 23:47 23 Feb 2005

Have a look through this article on shutdown scenarios/problems and solutions.click here

  curlylad 23:58 23 Feb 2005

Another article to have a look at click here

  Modo 08:24 24 Feb 2005

To be clear are you talking about

shutdown = whereby the operating system hangs at some stage


powerdown = whereby the OS closes down but the power is still on and the hard drive/hard drives may still be showing power.

  segandy 22:22 24 Feb 2005


At bit of both I think.

The OS hangs at the 'Windows is shuuting down' screen.
The Soft Off button doesn't work at this stage either.
I'm pretty confident that it's not a software prob as I installed the HDD on my PC and didnt have any probs at all.


  Modo 17:59 25 Feb 2005

Technically that is shutdown.

You already have some links. The two i like best are

click here

click here

Given the effort you have gone to it sounds like a Driver problem. if you have got a via chipset on a pci card they are getting a lot of blame at the moment.

I presume you have checked Power Management settings in the BIOS?

  Modo 17:59 25 Feb 2005

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