PC won't link to new Dell monitor

  Grandad99 19:08 10 Jul 2014

Just bought a Dell U2412M monitor. Setting up it says no signal from the PC

I've tried 2 DVI cables and then the VGA from the old monitor. The old monitor (VGA) works fine but the new one still says no signal when I swap it to the VGA cable.

Tried to use the setup CD with both monitors connected but it wont do anything until the Dell gets a signal.

I have been using the input buttons to change between DVI and VGA so that's not the reason

Any suggestions or is it a faulty monitor?

  rdave13 19:15 10 Jul 2014

Can you try to connect it to another PC/Laptop? If it still fails then it would look as it would need returning.

  Grandad99 20:36 10 Jul 2014

It receives a VGA signal from a laptop. Still nothing from the PC

  rdave13 20:59 10 Jul 2014

OK. So the monitor works. At the rear of the PC are there two sets of video outputs? You might have a dedicated graphics card installed and that will disconnect the motherboard's GPU output. Something easily overlooked. You might have connected to the wrong port, possibly.

  imendpc 15:25 14 Jul 2014

If desktop VGA outputs worked with old monitor (from reading your post), and not working (not touching the PC end) when VGA is plugged to new monitor. And new monitor is working with laptop. Then I would change the graphics card of the PC to default settings using a common resolution and check that output Monitor 1 or 2 is pointing to the correct one. Graphics card with multiple ports output to multiple monitors.

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