Pc wont connect too Monitor

  swanny2 08:52 08 Mar 2006

Hi there . when i turn my pc on ,it doesnt seem too connect too my monitor,ive checked all the leads etc.an there ok,
Now ive just connected me sons pc too this monitor ,an alll seems ok .Comes on straight away.But as soon as i connect my Pc up ,nothing happens..any ideas any1 please..

Swanny :O)

  swanny2 10:40 08 Mar 2006

ive tryed chamging monitors everything it doesnt seem too boot up. so its not the monitor.
i have 2 conns but the lead wont fit into the other 1 .just connected this pc an all is ok.ive tryed goin into safe mode but it wont boot up . ive no idea sorry.

  wee eddie 13:07 08 Mar 2006

A few Questions:

Does your monitor have a wee Lamp which indicates that there is power getting to it? Is this on? Usually a monitor, that is switched on, but getting no signal from the PC exhibits some sort of message. So check your Power Supply, including the socket.

Is the Graphics On-board or from a graphics card? If it is from a Graphics Card: Switch the PC off at the Mains > Open the case > Unscrew the Face Plate of the Graphics Card > Lift out the Card by it's edges taking care not to touch any of the electronics > Replace the Card, pushing it firmly back in > Close the Case and try again.

  wee eddie 13:09 08 Mar 2006
  swanny2 14:15 08 Mar 2006

yes m8 the same monitor .Its not the monitor ive got me sons pc runnin on it now.....

My pc wont boot up theres no bleeps or nothing. ive tryed pressing f8 too safe mode.ive tryed pressing delete,nothing happens.its just not booting up,it was ok last nite,but when i was listening too some music an on the net,i pressed the reboot button by accident and it then.started havin probs,the d drive wouldnt open either. i left it off all nite came too it this morn ,an the drive opened ,but now nothing happens ,it all lights up etc.
no idea what do now..the card or anything hasnt been dislodged coz i aint moved the pc.

cheers swanny .

  swanny2 19:00 08 Mar 2006

Tryed everything .it all lights up etc but wont boot....the other thing i found is it wont turn off when i press the on/off button .it use too..hmm.i have too turn it off by a switch at the back or mains.
cheers .
Swanny . :O)

  swanny2 19:53 08 Mar 2006

TA m8 but i dont have the windows disc , :O(

  swanny2 09:32 09 Mar 2006

hmm still wont boot up .

  swanny2 00:36 13 Mar 2006

found the problem it was me graphic card no good. had buy 1 from the shop an fitted £64 a gforce fx5200 356 he sed its 4 times better than mine ,,, m ine was 64 g force older 1

thanks all for help .

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