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PC won't connect to internet

  Caoimhin58 18:30 17 Jan 2017

Hi I have just swapped over to BT broadband. I'm all hooked up and the internet is working. However, my PC says it's connected to the internet, but when I try to search something on a search engine, it brings up a list of webpages, but when I click on them it says webpage may be temporarily down or it has moved etc. This happens on every single webpage...I know they're not down, I just think my internet can't see them or won't connect to them...please help as I'm about to throttle my PC!!!

  difarn 19:22 17 Jan 2017

Which browser are you using. A similar situation occurs from time to time in Chrome and a reinstall seems to solve the problem.

  Caoimhin58 21:18 17 Jan 2017

I am using both Chrome and internet explorer. I'm also using Windows 8. WiFi is fine, it's just this hard wired PC.

  Guest 1234512379 04:34 18 Jan 2017

check VPI and VCI

  Archonar 08:39 18 Jan 2017

Open the command prompt and type "ping" then press enter, what does it say?

  20101946 12:58 28 Jan 2017

i have a mid 2080 i load win xp and all drivers. when i conect the rj45 cable στα περισοτερα site λεει δεν βρισκω τη διευθηνση στο yahoo google ενω to msn και ενα porno site το φερνει αμεσως με αλλον computer την ιδια στιγμη με το ιδιο καλωδιο rj45 δουλευει το δικτιο αψωγα. καμια ιδεα? στηλτετη στο email [email protected]

  PepijndeWit 13:03 28 Jan 2017

I also sometimes experience this problem. somehow, I think that perhaps my IP address is hacked.

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