PC wont bootup

  bof:) 07:51 17 May 2006

Hi All, I booted up my pc and got the following message:

XP will not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: system32\Drivers\Ntfs.sys

I rebooted and tried to get into Safe Mode so that I could run scandisk but got the same message about the same file being corrupt or missing.

I could also NOT get Last Good Configeration to work.

I had the same problem earlier in the year click here

and I got round it by using XP repair option.

The problem is this time that when I put the XP disk in I get the following message:


Unexpected error (1313668973) occured in line 1768 in d:\xpsp1\base\boot\setup\arcdisp.c

Press any key to continue

I press any key to continue and go back to the original message.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


  xania 09:04 17 May 2006

I'm curious that the error is appearing on te D:\ drive rather than the C:\ drive. Are you working with multiple OS's? At what stag ein the process does this message occur? Has it aasked youwhether you want to repair or reinstall?

  bof:) 09:23 17 May 2006

Hi xania, I'm only working with 1 operating system at bootup although I have 2 hard drives in the pc. The C:\ drive has winXP on it and my old hard drive D:\(f) which still has windows98se on it.


  Gongoozler 09:27 17 May 2006

After a Google search I've found that this error is often caused by faulty RAM. click here

  bof:) 09:27 17 May 2006

I get the message when I reboot with XP disk in the cd drive. I do not get past the XP setup page so do not get asked if I want to repair or reinstall.


  bof:) 09:29 17 May 2006

could XP disk be renaming the cd drive to D:?

  bof:) 09:42 17 May 2006

Hi Gongoozler, I'll take the memory sticks out and try the ones from another pc I have and get back to you.

I was also worried that I cannot get the XP disk to work. It worked the last time I had this problem

click here


  martjc 09:52 17 May 2006
  bof:) 11:01 17 May 2006

Hi martjc, thanks for the link, it looks as if was bad RAM. As I mentioned to Gongoozler after he suggested it could be a RAM problem, I've taken RAM from an old pc I had and tried it....pc booted up 1st time without any warning/error messages.

I put the original RAM back, rebooting after every stick was put in and pc still rebooted ok.

Belarc now reads:

Slot 0.....512mb (this is the replacement)
SLOT 1.....256MB (original memory)
slot 2.....256mb (original memory)

I'll run Memtest later to see if it discovers anything.

As of yet I have not attempted to run my XP cd just to see if I get any error messages appear as I did earlier.

Thankyou everyone for your help, it is greatly appreciated,


  martjc 21:15 17 May 2006

...This suggests that the memory was slightly unseated. This can happen as the system warms up and cools down <remember expansion and contraction from school physics lessons?> It is good sense to re-seat ALL components from time to time. I've known this to give far more havoc than you've experienced!


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