pc wont boot....aaaaargh

  fire 15:42 15 May 2003

pc running win xp pro with 2 hard discs one which is the slave ive had trouble with so i decided to disconnect it i also disconnected the power ribbon to the motherboard, when i rebooted it failed to see any hd and i get the following message:
searching for boot record from cdrom, floppy, scsi but not found
boot failure
reboot and select proper boot device.

ive run chkdsk and all seems ok with hd.......please help

  TechMad 15:54 15 May 2003

Make sure that the ribbon cable is still connected to the motherboard and the drive. You also need an operating system installed on the first disk.

Make sure the BIOS can detect the disk. Ensure that LBA is in the drive settings, or Windows won't work.

  AndySD 15:54 15 May 2003

Was the slave drive the C drive?

Try using the Recovery console click here and use the FIXBOOT command

  fire 16:18 15 May 2003

the good drive is the c drive and it already has xp on it how do i check the lba...

  fire 16:33 15 May 2003

according to the bios the master and slave are not installed what on earth is going on??????

  fire 16:41 15 May 2003

i seem to have sorted that by autodetecting in the bios although i cant get the slave drive recognised is there a reason why...thanks

  luvpup 17:47 15 May 2003


what HDD are they, if it is wetern digital, you must remove jumpers if drive is alone, otherwise, check jumpers are correct for when you remove the slave, some drives need jumpers changing when the slave is removed, you say you ran chkdsk, rather boot through a floppy and run scandisk c:

Let me know what HDD it is first...

  fire 19:26 15 May 2003

the supposedly good disc is a samsung and the other is ibm but im back to the original problem of searching for the boot record. i think the ibm is probably faulty but the samsung one should be fine. even when i boot from xp cd it takes ages for anything to come up......any ideas or is it a shop jobby......hope not

  keith-236785 00:12 16 May 2003

1. Check the ide cable(hard drive cable) is securely attached to motherboard and Hard drive and try again, 2. try removing the jumpers from the back of the hard drive and try again, 3. beg steal or borrow a new ide cable and try again. if these dont work post back on here again.
good luck

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