PC wont boot to Windows

  bamfiesler 08:08 22 Jul 2011

Big problem. I usually use a laptop in the house but this morning I turned on the PC tower for this first time in about a week. Whislt in Firefox, the Avast! anti-virus program update not only the definitions but the program itself. After a minute or so I went to open another tab but the PC appeared to have hung, Nothing seemed to be working and could not bring up task manager, either, so I had no option but to do a hard crash.

On boot-up, things went bad. The XP logo would appear then go to a black screen stating that windows had failed to start normally. None of the options given could get me into Windows. Plluing up the event log in the BIOS gave me this:- Pre-Boot error: CMOS system options not set pre-Boot error CMOS configuration error.

Sounds bad, doesn't it. There's data on the drives I need to access. If there isn't any way of sorting this, can those drives be removed and accessed from another machine? Any chance of this being fixed, though. Thx in advance.

  bamfiesler 08:27 22 Jul 2011

Hitting F8 and disabling auto-restart gets me a blu screen which says:- UNMOUNTABLEBOOTVOLUME

I'm sure AVAST! has caused this. CAn I get into system restore from the command prompt and how would I get to that?

  birdface 08:48 22 Jul 2011

Tapping F8 or F5 as the computer starts might get you into safe mode. And maybe a system restore will work.or last good configuration.

  onthelimit1 09:01 22 Jul 2011

For Unmountable Boot Volume, you need an original XP disk. On boot, set to boot from CD. When the blue screen appears, press 'R' to enter the Recovery Consol. At the Command Prompt, typr chkdsk /r then enter. Checkdisk will take some time to run. When you get the flashing cursor again (could be a couple of hours), type fixboot then enter. Yes to accept. When complete, type exit then enter. PC should start normally.

This is usually an indication thatb the hard drive may be past it's best.

  birdface 09:17 22 Jul 2011

Googled it will give you something to look at until someone can help.


I take it the computer was keeping good time and date if not maybe the C-moss battery needing replaced.

  bamfiesler 09:17 22 Jul 2011

Yeh, did that earlier. Got to CHKDSK which says 'Vloume appears to be in good condition but was not checked. Enter /p to check anyway' When I type /p (with or without a space) it says the command is unrecognised!!

  onthelimit1 09:29 22 Jul 2011

Is that when booted from the CD? If so, try just using the fixboot command. I have never failed to run a chkdsk /r (r does more than p).

  birdface 09:31 22 Jul 2011

Maybe try this.Command prompt in safe mode

Click Ok to finish loading. A black command window will appear with a c: prompt.

At that c: prompt, type chkdsk c:/r and press enter.

Check disk will start to run but then it will say:

Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

  Strawballs 09:41 22 Jul 2011

What make of hard drive?

  bamfiesler 10:11 22 Jul 2011

For the record: I cannot get into safe mode, at all. Drive is an NEC, I think. Am too busy doing stuff with the PC to check what model it is right now.

FIXBOOT created new sector; what now?

  bamfiesler 10:30 22 Jul 2011

Exiting the command prompt just boots the PC back to the 'boot from disc' prompt. If I don't do anything it reboots and brings up the same 'fail' screen. If there is now a new boot sector, what should I do now? is there any point in trying the CHKDSK command again?

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