PC won't boot into Windows

  Graphicool1 09:50 05 Mar 2009

WinXP it did have all .Net Frameworks & SP's 1 to 3.5. All (from 3) were installed on Tuesday evening (ncluding two Drivers for my sound card and Win Media Player 11). They were ALL Windows Recommended Updates. Yesterday morning (Wednesday) the folowing message greeted me on boot up...

Cannot create shell notification icon

It was then that I realised there wasn't a tune when Windows opened. I did a check no sounds on my system. Then I noticed a New Icon in the task bar tray. When I opened it, it called itself 'C-Media Mixer' an contained a sound system control panel. I then checked my real sound system control panel 'SB Creative Audigy Platinum' all sliders were set o zero and frozen.

I then did a system search for the preported, two update drivers for my sound card. The problem there was the only names I had for them, were those supplied by Microsoft, which are...
'Creative-Sound-Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM) and Creative Game Port'
I couldn't find them. So, for reasons-in the cold light of day-I really can't begin to fathom, I decided to do a System Restore!! When the desktop opened everything looked normal, but except for the mouse pointer, everything was fozen. I rebooted and now it will only start in 'Safe Mode'

Q - Can I reinstall the OS Drivers, from my WinXP CD - in Safe Mode?

  woodchip 10:26 05 Mar 2009

Have you tried starting in safe mode?

Tapping F5 or F8 as computer starts. I can tell you now I had similar problem after loading the .Net Frameworks> started in Safe Mode and did a Restore to before the update. Its the only way to get rid of this update as its not in Add Remove Programs on the one I had to remove it. My other two XP computer was okay after the updates

  Graphicool1 10:41 05 Mar 2009

Yes, Safe Mode is the only place I can go now. Hence the question...

"Q - Can I reinstall the OS Drivers, from my WinXP CD - in Safe Mode?"

I did the system restor and this is where it got me. It did however uninstall all the updates. Also I ran AVAST, MalWareBytes, Spyware Terminator and ran Chkdsk all from Safe Mode. All came up clear. But it still won't open in Windows.

  woodchip 11:23 05 Mar 2009

You cannot use a CD player in Safe Mode as Windows oes not load drivers for it. try a older restore.

If you have a Full XP CD you could do a Repair of XP. This nearly always gets it back going, but all Windows Updates would need reloading after. This does not touch your personal files. If you want to try that come back

  Graphicool1 11:43 05 Mar 2009

I put the disk in, opened it to se if I could find he files I needed. I read the 'read me' file and it said I could do one of two things. Either a clean install or an Upgrade which upgades the system files, but leaves everything else alone.
I thought I would go for this option.

However, it says...

1 - Start your PC by running your current OS,
then insert the WinXP disk.
2 - If Windows detects the CD the CD dialogue box
will appear.
3 - To start 'Upgrade' click 'Install Windows'
If Windows doesn't detect the CD click START>
RUN> type D:\setup.exe Press Enter
4 - In installation type 'Upgrade' click Next'
5 - Follow on screen instructions.

  Graphicool1 11:48 05 Mar 2009

All I have just written I got from my WinXP Home Disk in the CD Drive in Safe Mode.

The question is...
Is it OK to run this 'Upgrade' in Safe Mode?

  woodchip 13:10 05 Mar 2009

No, You should start with the CD then click on Setup, it will then search your Hard Drive for a operating System and should find XP if it does click on the one it found the press R for Repair

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