PC won't boot from USB, no hard drive

  VictorBarrera 07:15 10 Jun 2017

I'm trying to install a new SSD on my PC (right now there is no drive at all). I have the Windows 10 installer on a USB and the motherboard (Gibbyte GA-H97-Gaming 3) connected to a display via VGI cable motherboard. However, when I turn the PC on, nothing shows up on the display, not the BIOS, nor the installer from the USB.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:12 10 Jun 2017

Try the HDMI port

have you got the SSD connected to the SATA express port?

  VictorBarrera 03:03 18 Jun 2017

I have tried the HDMI port, as well as the VGA. The SSD is connected, but there's no OS installed on it, that's why I expected the BIOS interface to show up on the display.

  MLA2000 03:44 18 Jun 2017

Make sure that if you have a dedicated GPU installed, ensure you are using the GPUs VGA/DVI etc and not the motherboards own.

Check that both the four pin and 24 pin connectors are securely fitted, and if needed your GPU has its seperate power connector is fitted.

If you still cannot reach the BIOS, ensure your specific CPU is listed on the motherboards support list. It looks like this board supports only Haswell and selected Broadwell CPUs, and your motherboard may refuse to accept any other cpu, even if it has the same socket.

If your specific CPU is listed, ensure it has integrated graphics onboard. As this specific motherboard relies purely on Intels CPU mounted graphics or a dedicated GPU, any processors without this will not display an image.

If you can reach the BIOS without the USB inserted, try moving it to a USB 2.0 port. Some USB v3 controllers need specific drivers to operate correctly. Other steps you can take are swapping RAM sticks to ensure that there are no defective modules, clearing your CMOS by removing and replacing the circular battery and removing and replacing your GPU.

If your motherboard emits sounds without a display, you should consult your motherboards manual for this "beep code", which should point you in the right direction.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 18 Jun 2017

You may need to refit old HDD

reset BIOS from UEFI boot to Legacy Boot

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