PC wont boot from SATA Hard disk

  Micky 494 20:22 13 Nov 2010

My sons PC Fujitsu Siemens SCALEO P wont boot into OS. It hangs with the message invalid system disk, please insert disk and boot from CD/DVD.
PC is three years old and runs XP Home Edition from a SATA Hard Disk. M/B is a Gigabyte GA-81915PM with 1Gb Ram. Connected to M/B via IDE channel are DVD and CD Rom drives. Check in BIOS reveals that SATA Hard Disk is not shown. Only shows DVD and CD drives. No mods/updates have been done recently but PC has not been used for a couple of months. Unplugged and reconnected SATA cables to no avail. Date and time in BIOS are OK so don't suspect CMOS battery. Insert Recovery CD to repair/install windows gives usual options but then reports that No disk is installed. Looks like either SATA Hard Disk or M/B fault but which? Any further suggestions appreciated.

  Strawballs 20:28 13 Nov 2010

I would suggest either disc has died or corrupt boot sector try downloading and burning Ubuntu to disc and run that from disc and if the HDD is still working you will be able to access data on the disc.

What make of drive is it.

  Micky 494 20:39 13 Nov 2010

Thanks Strawballs. My suspicions were disc corrupt or died. Make of drive is Samsung SP2504C SATA 250Gb 7200rpm.

  rdave13 20:42 13 Nov 2010

Can't find the thread but you need to change a setting in the bios possibly. Someone might see this thread and help.

  Micky 494 20:47 13 Nov 2010

Thanks rdave13. Checked BIOS but didn't note anything unusual. Interestingly, did note that SATA controller was set to Disable so changed this one by one to all other settings ie: Auto, Enable, etc to see if it made any difference but it didn't.
I have found a Samsung SATA drive on ebuyer at £25.00 so might get this and see what happens.

  Micky 494 20:50 13 Nov 2010

Hi All, have to go out now for the evening but will log in tomorrow to reply to any new responses. Cheers

  Strawballs 21:03 13 Nov 2010

click here go for the 2nd choice for CD rom and burn the iso to disc and boot from that to test Samsung discs

  rdave13 21:14 13 Nov 2010

If the sata drive is not shown in Bios then it's definately a bios setting.

  rdave13 22:39 13 Nov 2010

Something to do with " HDD if it is a SATA is set to ACHI " in the bios, any help?

  rdave13 22:42 13 Nov 2010

From this thread; click here

Post of Sat, 13/11/[email protected]:48

  Micky 494 18:37 14 Nov 2010

Thanks Strawballs, I'll have a go at burning iso to disc then booting from that.
Thanks rdave13 for your comments, I'll double check BIOS again. Will post back any progress.

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