pc wont boot, no post only fans are working

  richierich 13:10 04 Aug 2007

pc wont boot, there are no beeps only the fans are whirring, I have tried removing cards and memory and disconnected hard drive but ther are still no beeps.

  Totally-braindead 13:16 04 Aug 2007

Recheck ALL power connectors. I assume your case fans are not taking the power from the motherboard so they will still run it sounds as if the board isn't getting power.
Or is it the fans on the Northbridge and the CPU that are running cos thats something completely different?

  richierich 13:23 04 Aug 2007

the power supply fani is running and the fan on the cpu is running and the light on the mother board and on the lan card light so power is getting there.

  dan* 13:32 04 Aug 2007

take the card out of the mobo.

Reconnect the 20 or 24 pin ATX connecter also reconnect the 4 pin one if it uses it.

If that does nothing, either take out the cmos battery or short the cmos jumper on the mobo.

  richierich 13:57 04 Aug 2007

no nothing still the same,
although i havnt replaced the cmos battery, is that a likely cause?

  dan* 18:59 04 Aug 2007

just take the battery out for 30mins and replace, see if that makes a difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 04 Aug 2007

Sounds like your PSU has died, try to borrow one to test.

  richierich 23:06 04 Aug 2007

if the psu had died then would the fans and led still work?
I will try to test with another one though.

  dan* 20:40 05 Aug 2007

It does sound like the PSU but worth trying the easy options first.

  skidzy 20:56 05 Aug 2007

Have you checked the monitor ?
Does your mobo have onboard graphics ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:03 05 Aug 2007

Fans and leds take very little power so could run ok if rest of PSU has failed.

No sounds of HDDs or DVD/CD attempting to work sounds like PSU failure.

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