PC won't boot no beeps or monitor

  joebloggs1 19:18 11 Jan 2005

Looking at old Slot 1 PC for a friend. M/B is MSI MS6147 ver1.1 BX7. Was full to the brim in dust when I opened it, but assures me it did work.
Now, when switch on, power light comes on, processor fan, psu fan, cd drive, hard drive, and floppy all appear to work, but doesn't switch on monitor (monitor works fine on other PC's), no keyboard lights (although all three lights flicker when swithed on or off) and no post beep. I have stripped out every component and re-seated etc, all without managing to get a beep or monitor. Also same result if I try bootable floopy or cd.
At first I thought m/b gone, but looks fine. On reading up it appears a good culprit might be PSU.
This never occured to me because of everything that does come on. I don't have easy access to an alternative psu, but would you agree this could be problem or would you think m/b might have gone?
Also what are minimum components that you can try to power up a m/b with and expect a beep? i.e. can you remove everything, or do you need a cpu and a memory stick.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 11 Jan 2005

Remove from case (could be shorting)need a cpu and a memory stick should then beep for lack of graphics cared or keyboard on older PCs.

  Lady Lara 19:26 11 Jan 2005

it will be CPU.

I had exactly same problem. I tried a diferent CPU and it was fine again. As such I suggest that is your first approach - try one (borrow etc) If not that then you have saved your pennies!


  joebloggs1 21:48 12 Jan 2005

Keyboard light flash briefly when Power button pressed then go off - monitor does not start (onboard grahpics) and no beeps.
Any further suggestions. How can you test individual components to work out which one is at fault

  joebloggs1 17:37 13 Jan 2005

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 13 Jan 2005

CPU as per Lady Lara Post

  joebloggs1 18:02 13 Jan 2005

Thanks for the response, but I've tried a different psu with exactly the same results.

  penholder 18:46 13 Jan 2005

Check the speaker works.
Try disconnecting all components so that all you have is the power unit connected to the M'bd. Switch on, Processor fan and case fan should start and as the M'bd powers up it should emit series of beeps. No beeps and I suggest M'bd problem. Is BIOS battery ok? Can you get the manual for the M'bd?
More info at click here
click here

  slimbo51 19:58 13 Jan 2005

Pehaps a daft comment, but have you checked the right wires are on the M/B from the case switches.

If the power on cables have been swapped with the reset cables for whatever reason or any other combinations would expect some strange power ups.

  Technotiger 20:02 13 Jan 2005

Hi, CPU = Central Processing Unit

PSU = Power Supply Unit

two different items.


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