pc won't boot but makes POST and hear 3 beeps

  cazkenton2003 18:36 15 Dec 2004


I power up my pc and all the lights come on. The fan in the power supply comes on. The pc makes a POST and I hear 3 small beeps but I don't see anything on the monitor to do anything about it!. Although the lights on the casing stay on after I hear the beeps. I changed the monitor and still had no screen.
I've been searching on the net and heard that there are different types of BIOS and I'm not sure what kind I have, that produce different kinds of beeps. All I have managed to find is it could be circutry/parity, memory cache, dead video controller or a burnt out processor, which could be likely as I have no heatsink on top (pc came like that and I built it myself).

Can anyone help me link to what it actually is?

  Dorsai 18:43 15 Dec 2004

If you have no fan/heasink on the CPU, then unless it is a ZX spectrum/BBC model B (circa 1981) then the CPU has probably cooked it's self.

No modern PC CPU that i have heard of will run for more than a few seconds with out cooling.

My 1st PC, 9 years ago, 66Mhz CPU, needed a fan and heatsink.

  Technotiger 18:53 15 Dec 2004

Hi, in AMI Bios 3 beeps indicates a RAM problem. In AWARD BIOS 3 beeps indicates Video error and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information. In IBM BIOS 3 beeps also indicates video display problem.

  cazkenton2003 18:55 15 Dec 2004

Thanks for that.
Am using my daughters pc at the moment which has a heatsink fan and terribly noisy, there is none in my one. Is there any way I can find out for sure that it is the processor?
Am not running a zx or BBC lol, it's a Gateway GP6 with a 433mhz celeron processor. Running XP pro with 256mb and 40gb drive. It's worked just fine for the past year, I used it yesterday with no problem and then I switch it back on for some evening surfing and nothing at all!. Can it just cook itself just like that??
I also found that when I was in Taskmanager, the CPU always seemed to be up around 100% and if I had too many programs running, things would be slow and cd's wouldn't even burn if I had the Media player open!

I don't have a spare motherboard, the one on daughter's pc is a desktop and mine is a tower but are both ATX boards.

Am at a loss!

  Technotiger 18:57 15 Dec 2004

I should have added that it would appear (apart from the possible overheating of the cpu) that you video/graphics card is at fault. Take your card out and try it in another pci slot. I may be wrong, but it gives you a place to start your search. Cheers.

  cazkenton2003 20:58 15 Dec 2004

Hi all,

Right, I have tried the video card in another PCI slot, still nothing.
I also tried the memory sticks and all seems well.
I tried swapping the hard disk from the old one into the new one and alas! somebody has set a supervisor password that I just don't know so I cannt configure the BIOS anyways. The swapped drive just wants to keep rebooting all the time so have swapped them back.
The beeps I get are 2 short ones then a pause and then another......

Somebody help!

  Alex-188000 21:01 15 Dec 2004

A long time ago I had a similar problem on my 2nd PC which was old. what it was, was that the little plugs for the lights on the front of the case and the reset button etc wasnt connected porperly but unfortunatly this dosnt seem to be the case, lol.

  Technotiger 21:10 15 Dec 2004

Hi again, well, only guessing, but it looks as if
Dorsai may be correct with his cooked cpu theory.
Looks as if you will have to 'bite-the-bullet'
good luck!

  Starfox 21:13 15 Dec 2004

click here

click here

click here

May help pinpoint your problem.

  woodchip 21:33 15 Dec 2004

One long and two quick short beeps indicate a Graphics fault, take the graphics card out and refit.

  woodchip 21:35 15 Dec 2004

PS if there is a Fan on the Graphics card make sure it's working

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