PC wont boot, just series of beeps

  richierich 20:24 17 Mar 2006

cant get into bios screen, get a series of nine beeps followed by 2 beeps.
PC chips motherboard, athlon 2800 processor, any help pleaase

  Jak_1 20:27 17 Mar 2006

You will need to know what make the bios is , however look here click here , this will tell you what the beeps mean and yours does not sound good!

  woodchip 20:28 17 Mar 2006

Faulty Memory or Graphics card in that Order. Take out and clean contacts with Brasso and reinsert and try

  User-312386 20:28 17 Mar 2006

Nine normally means Checsum error

Remove CMOS battery and jump to clear CMOS

2 beeps means something wrong with the memory or not seated

  richierich 21:42 17 Mar 2006

Have taken out and put back in the graphic card and memory stick, no change. Have removed battery and put back too. I notice if i remove the memory card no beeps occur (is this usual).
Short of buying and trying a nes graphic card and memory card is there anything else to try?

  User-312386 09:58 19 Mar 2006

Yes it is normal for no beeps if there is no graphics card.

Have you tried a new CMOS battery?

  Diemmess 10:17 19 Mar 2006

My bet is Memory card - full stop

Brasso is a shade drastic. An ordinary pencil rubber is quite enough.

Try a (compatible) different RAM card, even buy a new one. Do be sure it matches the type for your motherboard.

  richierich 16:09 19 Mar 2006

Took compatible memory card out of another PC, didnt work, replaced it back into 2nd pc and wont post now, so I have now 2 dead pcs. Is it likely that the first pc 'killed' the memory card, I dont really want to risk a third one

  ding dong dave 16:15 19 Mar 2006

i had this trouble in the end i just replaced base unit

  WhiteTruckMan 19:44 19 Mar 2006

Do you have any graphics output at all on the first computer? if not, try the card in the second computer.


  Diemmess 09:23 20 Mar 2006

In a brutal way, following my "bet" that it was a RAM problem may have cost you the substituted card.
My own tiny cerebral memory cleared and now the bet has changed to the motherboard.

A grandson had a P2 motherboard ex-financial advisor outfit, rejected by the IT manager because they had several fail with a burn-out on that mobo.
His too burned out in time, with the same beep pattern.
He was more fortunate than you, because his RAM was still OK for his new mobo.

If this problem was mine I would do as ding dong dave has suggested and replace the motherbord

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