PC won't boot if mouse and keyboard are connected

  cyberphobic 10:38 05 Oct 2003

My daughter's PC (PC Chips M810 mobo, 1.3 Athlon, 256MB RAM) wouldn't boot up.I have 2 other identical PCs and was bemused to find that although they worked fine where they were, when I moved them to my daughter's room they exhibited the same characterics i.e. the fans come on, the HDD spins but it doesn't POST. After I had swapped everything, all the leads,the monitor,and finally the mouse and key board I discovered this bizarre problem. Anyone any ideas on this one?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:46 05 Oct 2003

This may be a stupid question but have you ensured that the rodent and keyboard are in the correct sockets? This has happened to me in the past. /me reddens


  Peverelli 11:49 05 Oct 2003

Happened to me too, turned out that the keyboard/mouse sockets were wired the wrong way around on the mobo!

  cyberphobic 20:15 07 Oct 2003

OK I'll just buy a new keyboard and mouse then!

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