PC wont boot HDD light on

  RichDavies 13:19 21 Sep 2014

ok i'm having some issues with my old PC. It was built in 2005 so its fairly old but it does the trick for word processing web browsing

I have been having some issues - can anyone help?

  1. Powers up fine. Lights on mob ... However.. HDD light is constantly on with very little noise coming from both HDD

  2. Fans run as normal

  3. No smell or 'burning odour' as far as I can detect

  4. No vga signal being detected

  5. No beeps at all however I cant see a speaker on the mob I ordered one from amazon for £2 so we'll see if I can get some life from it when that arrives

    1. CMSOS battery changed

I did manage to get the PC working after I changed the power connector to the VGA card as it booted up with a message saying no power to VGA card -

Just before boot I was advised of a CMOS Checksum bad and offered F1 to run SETUP and F2 default values and continue

I selected F2

booted up fine after that however I had to knock the machine off to get a hard wire connection to my wifi router as it was asking to regsiter my copy of xp online (which is legit)

any ideas? I'm thinking may be PSU or...mob?

its a ASUS A8V Deluxe, 2GB RAM and ATI Radeon 85XT Platinum and 400W PSU

any ideas? thanks in advance :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:40 21 Sep 2014

Agree that Cmos checksum error indicates a bad BIOS probbly due to flat battery

After changing battery and pressing f2 did you save and exit BIOS (f10)? Bios settings need saving.

recheck BIOS and make sure DVD drive is first boot followed by your hard drive (save and exit)

Make sure no usb drives or DVDs left in optical drive.

if still struggling disconnect none used drives (dvd and second HDD) and see if it will boot.

  RichDavies 14:58 21 Sep 2014

thanks for the advise much appreciated

Yeah unplugged DVD Drive and 2nd HDD still no boot up

When I managed to get it to boot yesterday I selected F2 the PC just booted as usual didnt give me an option maybe I should have selected F1...

Does this rule out a faulty MOB or PSU? Hopefully if I can get the 'beep' system sorted I can get an idea what the issue

I have pulled out RAM sticks and and VGA card still no joy...

the psu does 'hiss' once its powered down if that suggests anything ...

any other ideas? ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:20 21 Sep 2014

TRy getting into Bios as it starts tap F1 / Del / esc

or even try the F8 key for Xps last known good configuration.

It sounds as if its looking for the op system but struggling with the HDD, maybe try booting from an Xp CD of a live linux CD.

  RichDavies 15:33 21 Sep 2014

yeah trouble is...I'm not getting any life from it no VGA output no nothing it was only that one time yesterday that it booted and it was asking to register XP with MS I'll try and get a XP CD though or maybe a linux...pardon my ignorance but can a linux CD downloaded legit from the web?

  Jollyjohn 15:50 21 Sep 2014

Linux is a free Open Source operating system that in many different flavours or "Distros" Try here for Ubuntu 12 click here select the (intel x86) version.

Download it and burn the .iso file to a cd / dvd

Ensure the PC is set to boot from cd/dvd drive - difficult since you have no vga output - but give it a try.

Have you got onboard graphics on the motherboard? If so does that give an output.

  RichDavies 15:57 21 Sep 2014

so at this point you think the OS has gone corrupt? would that have an effect on the VGA output? and stall the HDD?

the MOB has onboard graphx but the connection on the back does not fit the regular VGA connection...I'm not too sure what the connection is called

I'm hoping to rule out a dodgy PSU and MOB as it booted yesterday you think its safe to assume so?

  Jollyjohn 17:03 21 Sep 2014

I think the graphics card may have failed - but it may simply be the BIOS is trying output the graphics to the on board graphics.

The standard vga connector is a 15 pin connector with the pins in three rows. But a quick search on your Motherboard suggests it does not have on board graphics therefore I suggest trying another graphics card as a first step.

Once you fit the speaker, the beep code should help identify the problem.

  RichDavies 17:56 21 Sep 2014

thanks mate grateful for the input

the pc booted up with VGA output yesterday so would that rule out the grapx card failure?

i got an XP disk coming tomorrow but i'll need to get to the bios screen to change settings PROVIDING the pc boots up again for me like i said it just the HDD light stays on constantly and no signal being being generated

do you still reckon it may be usfule to get a replacement card just to see if that would rule out a failure? its an agp so cant be expensive to replace...

having said that would a faulty/failing agp card freeze the hdd?

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