PC wont boot - CPU FAN?

  bliksem 13:16 19 Nov 2005

Hi All, Please help me. My pc refused to show any signs of life, I removed the ide cables from the motherboard to see if I can at least get into the bios but nothing. Suspected a blown motherboard, ordered a new cpu (+ fan) & motherboard and installed fine.

Now Im sitting with original cpu (2.8ghz pentium) that could potentially be okay, so I spent 30 quid on a cheap motherboard which I installed in an older pc with the original fan but Im getting the same result ie no life from the new motherboard with original cpu and fan. Is it worth me spending a tenner on replacing the fan? What I mean is if the fan goes does a motherboard know not to boot up?

Look forward to your help.


  woodchip 13:19 19 Nov 2005

I think you will find you have followed a blind trail. Check the PSU

  bliksem 13:24 19 Nov 2005

Both machines psu's are fine as I have put the new motherboard in the original failed pc and the other one is still working fine with its old mobo & cpu. Does a pc fail to boot if the cpu fan dies?

  woodchip 13:30 19 Nov 2005

if it's a amd it can blow the cpu with overheating. but if fan is not turning fst enough it may take a while i.e you may get crashes freezing etc until it blows

  gudgulf 13:34 19 Nov 2005

As far as I am aware it should boot up...but BIOS may issue a warning sound or beep if the cpu ran is under speed or running slowly.

Maybe the cpu is dead.

One other thought.....

If it's a P4 then it probably wont boot if the extra 4 pin connector is not connected.

  gudgulf 13:35 19 Nov 2005

That should read cpu fan,not ran Oops!

  bliksem 13:48 19 Nov 2005

Thx all for advice....I have been reading other posts and I think that its probably worth spending a tenner on a new fan. Closing.

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