pc wont boot from cd-rom

  NickHigginson 23:01 08 Sep 2014

hi. i am selling a pc, and want to use the dban 'boot and nuke' programme to clear it out. i have burnt it to a cd. i restart, and have set the boot order to start off cd-rom in both the boot menu and the bios menu. the next screen has a load of jargon (sorry, im not too up on this stuff!) and says 'booting with cd-rom' or similar, but then goes to the normal 'starting windows' screen. any idea what i can try? its a gigabyte s3 motherboard by the looks of the screen that loads 1st

thanks in advance

  tullie 00:40 09 Sep 2014

When it mentions booting from cd or dvd,hit any key whilst its still on screen.

  alanrwood 09:30 09 Sep 2014

Are you sure that you made the CD/DVD bootable in the first place. Not used the Boot and Nuke program so I'm not sure if it creates a bootable disk.

Can you please give more details as to how you made the disk. Was the file extension of the Boot and Nuke file shown as an ".iso". If so then just burning a copy to a CD/DVD will not produce a bootable disk. An iso file needs to be burned properly so as to extract the files from the iso file. There is usually a selection in the Disk Burning Program to "Burn an iso file to Disk".

Look at the disk you have burned and see if the disk just contains the original file or if there are lots of different files including and "autoexec" file.

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