PC won't boot. Can anyone help?

  Silentsays 05:23 09 May 2018

PC won't boot

Hey all. So about 4 months ago I installed a new motherboard and ram. I've had no problems with them until last night the PC suddenly froze and then shut off and now when I try to boot GPU will light up and LEDs inside the case but display will show no signal and mouse/keyboard will not power up. Also the EZ debug is lighting up red for the CPU.

Here's what I've tried I've reseated the ram and CPU to no prevail tried the ram in different slots still no prevail. Checked the CPU for any bent pins looked good to me. Tried to reset the cmos. I didn't have a jumper but I heard a screwdriver would work too so I used that still nothing. I've also tried holding down the power button after unplugging the power cord and nothing.

I'm completely lost at this point I have no idea what else to try everything should be working fine as the MOBO and ram are relatively brand new.

On a side note I'm not getting any beeps fromb the MOBO when starting the PC but all LEDs on the mobo work perfectly, same with fans.

Any solutions and help would be greatly appreciated.

SPECS: Nvida Titan xp Intel I7 8700k Corsair vengeance 16gb LPX ddr4 3100 Thermaltake smart 750w 80plus bronze Z370 gaming pro carbon MOBO

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 09 May 2018

I'd be tempted to try plugging in another PSU to eliminate a power problem.

  Newuser939 17:41 10 May 2018

It's not a Lenovo is it? If so look at this page

click here

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