PC won't boot - BIOS corrupted? Please help.

  scottlad 10:28 24 Jul 2007

After returning from Hols I flicked the mains on and turned on PC only to find no signal to monitor and HDD not being accessed. After pressing reboot numerous times and tring other monitor I once had the following displayed:- "Auto recovering Bios". This just repeated in a loop and got nowhere. I have never got this message more than this one time, normally the screen is just blank.I have removed CMOS battery but no joy. I have a gigabyte GA-7VT600-L motherboard (single BIOS). Can anyone advise my best course of action.Thanks

  Andy1991 10:31 24 Jul 2007

How long did u remove the batery for? about 5 mins would be good. I don't know if that should do any thing though, there should be a small jumper on ur mother board that when u take it off or do something with it it resets it. consult ur manual.

  scottlad 10:40 24 Jul 2007

I left the battery off for a good 10 minutes after reading manual. Pretty sure there was no jumper on motherboard - manual advised battery removal. I'm just not sure if the BIOS is damaged and is fixable or whether another part is causing problems?

  €dstowe 11:22 24 Jul 2007

It's unusual not to have a shorting jumper to discharge the BIOS memory but, if not, it can take a very long time (overnight sometimes) to remove all charge from a computer. Something to remember as well (I'm sure you did) was not to have the mains plugged in when doing this discharging. Even with the machine switched off, there is a trickle charge on to the motherboard.

  >Aitch< 20:58 24 Jul 2007

It doesn't sound like a fault that can be corrected by discharging the CMOS.
To my mind it may be a power supply problem and / or possibly a fried BIOS.
Try a known good PSU first with all cards, HDDs and memory modules removed from the M/board.
If it POSTs then add bits back one at a time. This should prove which one is causing the prob.
If it doesn't POST then it is likely to be the BIOS (read new mobo!)

Good Luck

  octal 07:24 25 Jul 2007

There have been a lot of thunder storms around lately, did you unplug the computer from the mains and Internet connection while you where away? A close lightning strike might have done some damage when you were away.

  yugi21 00:18 10 Aug 2007

hi i have a problem with my board i think my bios beacuse when i try to update my bios it says sorry there no profer bios installed on your systemm
and suddenly some problem appears i can use my soundmax because its always say u must reinstall the drive wicth it i did but i get nothing and my bios say this bad or missing command interpreter enter the full shell command line:command.com/P/E:256 thats the eror alaway when i try to boot the cd that came with the board can u help mo i have asus crosshair 590 sli mothe board thank

  ambra4 03:51 10 Aug 2007

Remove all memory chips and reinstall one at a time if you have more than one

power on pc see if any display if no display with first memory chip power off

remove first memory chip install second chip and power on if still no display

you may have bad memory chips

Can you brought a memory chip from a friend or from a second PC 128MB min

If pc start up you need new memory chips

  tullie 07:00 10 Aug 2007

Youve hijacked someone elses thread

  tullie 07:00 10 Aug 2007

Youve hijacked someone elses thread

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