PC wont boot up....beeps etc. help please thanks

  bof:) 00:04 13 Jul 2003

Hi All,

had a call from brother-in-law this evening and he says his PC is 'beeping a lot' and getting as far as the splash screen (using windows 98se) and then hanging.

When he tries to turn pc off it wont turn off at the switch, he has to turn it off at the plug.

Until tomorrow I can only tell you that the PC was purchased from Evesham PC's about 5 years ago.

I've suggested the following:

-Turn on PC and count the beeps.
-Look at screen on bootup to discover what bios to look up beep codes for.
- press f8 to see if PC will start up in 'safe mode'
- take side off PC and check fan is running ok.
- this will also bring down the temperature.
-he is using compressed air to clean out the inside of the PC.
-reseat memory sticks/video card/sound card (will be done possibly tomorrow).

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cos the more info I'm armed with the better the chance of sorting his PC out.

Sorry for the 'sketchy' details but this is all that I have for the moment.



  Monitor Master 00:27 13 Jul 2003

My motherboard manual says

One short beep when logo displayed : No error during post

Long Beeps in an endless loop : No DRam Installed or detected

One Long Beep followed by three short beeps : Video card not found or video card memory bad

High frequency beeps when system is working : CPU overheated

  Monitor Master 00:29 13 Jul 2003

This is if the motherboard is award bios i think other might be different

i think your brother-in-law's sounds most like overheating :( - check heatsink & Fan


  bof:) 00:53 13 Jul 2003

Hi Monitor Master,

Thankyou for your help, I'll certainly check out the fan and heat sink first.

many thanks,


  bof:) 18:09 13 Jul 2003

Hi All,

After cleaning out the PC case with compressed air, it seems as if the rear fn was sticking. Once it was cleaned the PC starts as usual. So it looks as if it was an over-heating problem.


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