PC Wont boot after hard drive change.

  Exwirecutter 11:19 26 Apr 2010

I recently fitted a new SATA hard drive and used Acronis Migrate to clone my original IDE hard drive.
This appeared to be a success until I got to the reboot , then I got "ntldr corrupt or missing".
Luckily I have a boot floppy that gets things up and running , and everything works fine , and ntldr is in the Windows folder. I suppose I can just keep booting from the floppy but just wondered if anyone could suggest a solution . Thanks

  gengiscant 11:27 26 Apr 2010

For a start have a look here. click here

  ex-wirecutter 11:42 26 Apr 2010

Wow ! That was quick ! THANKS .

  mgmcc 11:46 26 Apr 2010

If the original drive that you've cloned from wasn't a SATA drive, the SATA drivers may be missing and preventing you from booting directly from the new drive.

See if there are drivers on the drive manufacturer's website, unless they were supplied with your new drive.

  kristain 11:46 26 Apr 2010

1. Insert the Windows XP bootable CD into the computer.
2. When prompted to press any key to boot from the CD, press any key.
3. Once in the Windows XP setup menu press the "R" key to repair Windows.
4. Log into your Windows installation by pressing the "1" key and pressing enter.
5. You will then be prompted for your administrator password, enter that password.
6. Copy the below two files to the root directory of the primary hard disk. In the below example we are copying these files from the CD-ROM drive letter "E". This letter may be different on your computer.
copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\
copy e:\i386\ntdetect.com c:\
7. Once both of these files have been successfully copied, remove the CD from the computer and reboot.

  ex-wirecutter 12:06 26 Apr 2010

Wow ! even more thanks , am overwhelmed. Please give me a chance to try these , and if they dont work will ask again .

  ex-wirecutter 12:58 26 Apr 2010

Update , Windows reports the new SATA drive is "working properly " . Have copied the ntldr files from the Windows CD , negative result , and reconnected my old IDE hard drive which still works , and copied the ntldr files from that , negative .
I wonder if I copy the ntldr files from my floppy disk which works , to my cloned copy on the new hard
drive ... mmmmm.. maybe ? Obviously I would like to get it working properly before I delete XP from my old hard drive. To recap. once I boot from the floppy everything works fine .

  mgmcc 13:21 26 Apr 2010

>>> Windows reports the new SATA drive is "working properly"

Yes, but you might still need to install SATA drivers to be able to *boot* from it. Also, is the BIOS correctly configured to boot from the SATA drive?

  ex-wirecutter 13:49 26 Apr 2010

Good point , I have just had a look and the SATA controller in the bios is fully enabled . What about copying the files from the floppy ?

  ex-wirecutter 14:19 26 Apr 2010

Think I'll give it a rest for a bit, been at it for some time now . Thanks for your suggestions , will try a few unorthodox experiments of my own.
Can't post this as "solved" because it isn't , but closing down anyway . Coffee time !!

  ronalddonald 18:33 28 Apr 2010

if you dont know the password just press return as in number five of kristain post

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