PC wont boot after dvdrw install

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 18:20 12 Oct 2005

my problem is that I have an emprex x8 dvdrw and a dvd drive installed on the same ribon cable I cannot copy cd to cd on the fly because of this so I put the dvdrw drive on the same ribbon cable as my HD thats when the trouble started pc wont boot like this. dvdrw is set to slave and HD is set to master so I gather that is the correct way to set it the other dvd drive on the ribbon cable is also set to slave which I prosume is also correct if this is so why cannot I get pc to boot on this configeration am I missing something as also when I have it set dvdrw and dvd drive on the same ribbon cable (not on the HD one) and pc will boot I am getting errors when writing disc (DVD) ie freezing and juddering. any info would be a great help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 12 Oct 2005

DVD RW do not like being set as Slave

primary IDE HDD = master DVD = slave

secondary IDE DVD RW = master

Also be aware that having a "slow" optical drive on the same IDE channel can slow down the hard drive.

  jimv7 18:30 12 Oct 2005

Also id drives correctly set as master and slave, check or try another ide cable.

  plsndrs3 18:47 12 Oct 2005

I know this won't help your particular problem, but I have emachine 3220 with one cable: 2 80GB HDD [one master, one slave] another to Emprex DVDRW [Slave] and DVD drive [Master]. No issues & I am able to copy on the fly.


  woodchip 18:52 12 Oct 2005

DVD on my comp works OK on slave. I would def say that the drive jumper needs setting to SLAVE then go into BIOS to make sure that it's pict it up if not Auto Detect drives or set it to Auto

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:34 13 Oct 2005

no no good this is very frustaiting now tryed different configurations changed ide cable master and slave, master and slave slave and so on I have notice that if I set HHD to master and the dvdrw drive to slave then at boot the dvd drive it is not picked up by the boot up could this be a prob with the drive and not the configuation although the drive works fine on the othe 2nd ide cable it just seems to be that the 1st ide channel will only take one device is that possible or is there a way to change the amount of devices it will read.

  Totally-braindead 18:33 13 Oct 2005

I would put on IDE 1, the hard drive as master, the DVD reader as slave, on IDE 2 the DVD writer as master. As has been mentioned DVD writers for some reason do not like being the slave, it even mentions in my instructions for my DVD writer that this may not work and recommends it being set as secondary master. Also pay attention to which connector you use, my setup requires the primary master to be connected to one particular connector on the ribbon cable, if you connect it to the other connector it causes problems, on my set up at least.

  woodchip 21:49 13 Oct 2005

Try running both as Cable Select

  keith-236785 22:26 13 Oct 2005

Fruit Bat /\0/\, i have two dvd rw drives on the same ide cable, 1 as master and 1 as slave. they live happily together and will allow copying on the fly.

sometimes they do live like this, sometimes they dont, depends perhaps on the drives or the motherboard.

im with woodchip, set both drives to cable select.

other thing to check is in the bios, is the primary slave set to auto check, if its disabled in the bios, it aint going to work at all. set all four to auto and see what happens, then if no joy try setting the primary to auto and the other three to cdrom.

good luck

worth looking for nowt.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:33 16 Oct 2005

sorted the only configuration my pc would run on is hhd on ide master,dvd ide 1 cable select.dvdrw on ide 2 master it doesn`t like it anyothert was temprementle thing now thats ok another prob has occured when I burn to dvd im getting half way watching a dvd which I have burn to a x8 disc and it just freezes never go it before any one had this in nero

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