PC won't boot

  Micky 494 19:45 23 Jul 2003

My Pentium 3 500 MHz PC runs Windows 98 and will no longer boot up when started.
Both red and green LED's illuminate and nothing else happens, no activity from the hard drive and my monitor displays the message "no input signal".
I have also noticed that my CD Writer and DVD Rom drawers will not open. The power supply seems to be OK. Replacing the hard drive has had no effect. Any help would be much appreciated.

Micky 494

  zanwalk 20:18 23 Jul 2003

It could be motherboard, cpu or power supply, those three are high on the list of suspects.

If you are able to, swap the power supply for a known good one first, as this is the easiest thing to do.

  Micky 494 19:11 30 Aug 2003

Sorry for delay in replying Rayburn but have been on holiday. Have now tried another PSU, still same. Looks like Motherboard or CPU. One point, CPU fan runs.
If I buy a new MoBo and processor will it fit my existing case? Original MoBo is ATX.

  jospar 20:16 30 Aug 2003

I know that this might sound daft, and I must admit its a very long shot.

Have you opened the casing up, has you might have a sensor that detects this and if enabled, and no password had been entered to disable it, this will stop the computer from booting. You get no warning bleeps, monitor will be blank or give you a no signal messsage and the only sound that can be heard is the psu fan.

Had this afternoon on a computer I've been working on, So this might be worth a try before getting a new mobo'

Try clearing the cosmos.

Worth a try if nothing else!

  Micky 494 20:44 30 Aug 2003

Not heard of that one before Jospar but I know that my computer has no such sensor as I have had the case open on previous occasions to perform upgrades without problem. Many thanks anyway for your response.

  jospar 22:17 30 Aug 2003

First time I've come across it, wondered what they hell was going on, when it wouldn't boot.

Ran through several options, then remembered about the sensor, I had assumed that this would have been turned off and disabled.

The computer belongs to my ex-hubby, who brought from his works, and knowing some of the characters that work there I was suprised that it didn't have great big bolts through the bottom, to bolt it down to stop it going walkies!

I've been working on it, giving it health check, plus up-grading. I'm assuming that it was a realiable machine has it looked like it never been opened by the amount of dust inside.

But like I said it's a long shot, and worth a try, as there nothing to loose and if you end up buying a new mobo, at least you tried everything.

  Micky 494 15:47 31 Aug 2003

Thanks again Jospar, unless I receive any further suggestions I think I'll be looking at a new MoBo and CPU. I'll probably install extra RAM at the same time (128Mb at present). Thanks to everyone for your suggestions so far, it's nice to know there are people out there you can share your problems with. I'll keep you posted.

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