PC won't boot

  parttime 21:15 14 May 2003

PC fell over two days ago and now won't boot. Starts, lights come on (red & green), then lights go out, red then green, and the PC switches off. Tried just about everthing but it just won't start. Any ideas?

  Zaxifone 21:21 14 May 2003

It sounds like the CPU might be cooking a little. Have you opened it up? Can you see if the CPU fan is spinning?


  jeez 21:22 14 May 2003

more info please, when did it last work? what happened before it stopped working? does it beep at you? excact specs please? can you enter bios? done any hardware upgrades recently? etc

  Lone Crow 21:46 14 May 2003

Assuming you haven't done anything to cause this problem - added extra hardware or software, etc.- it sounds as though you have a hardware fault. When this happened to me it was because a memory module wasn't seated properly and broke connection. The BIOS detected a fault condition and refused to boot, even as far as the BIOS screen, though I was left with one motherboard light on.

Try pushing the memory chips firmly into their slots (the clips at each end of the module should have sprung into the securing position). You could also remove any PCI cards you have fitted as extras and try booting, in case one of them has a fault. Next step would be to remove other cards, such as the modem, one at a time. Only do any of this if you feel comfortable putting your hands into your PC's innards, and be sure to touch the metal chassis before you touch anything else, to earth away any static electricity on your body, and also regularly as you work. The PC should be switched off at the plug before you venture in, too - but I usually leave the cable connected to provide earthing, though no doubt the electricians here will berate me as a fool! If you don't feel comfortable doing it, or don't have a mate to help, you'll have to get paid help, I think. LC.

  parttime 21:59 14 May 2003

The fan on the CPU works until the PC switches off.

I,ve checked the RAM seating, and swopped the cards etc.

Suspect it could it be the power pack. Can't do anything with the BIOS as the PC won't start.

Problems started prior to this were - no signal to monitor, Installed new card in GRP slot and bye passed the on-board graphics.

  jeez 22:06 14 May 2003

just repaired a pc with exactly your symptoms, probs turned out to be faulty mobo and ram

  Lone Crow 14:24 15 May 2003

Ouch! When you are eventually up and running, I would advise you go into your BIOS and deactivate the "Halt on all errors" feature. Although it seems like a good idea, designed to protect your system, it actually leaves you with no way of accessing anything until you'ver found and fixed the fault that causes the shutdown, and with no acces to even the BIOS it shuts all doors and leaves you guessing. That feature cost me an £80 repair bill to find what I could otherwise have found myself!! LC.

  TechMad 15:42 15 May 2003

Does the computer Bleep?

I have found that if the hardware is faulty the machine may bleep in a morse code fashion.

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