PC Won't Boot

  Crazygeorge3 12:49 06 Feb 2010

Hello Everyone.

About 2 or so years ago i bought a HP Pavilion PC, and have been adding parts to it ever since, changing everything one by one. Now the only thing that is the same as when the pc shipped is the motherboard and one disc drive. Here is the current set up

AMD 5600+ x2 CPU
4GB PC4300 RAM
750GB (500GB+250GB) Hard Drives
2 Disc Drives
All powered by a 650w ColorIT Power supply.

The motherboard is an Asus A8M2N-LA

This set up worked fine for about 2 months, then my previous power supply failed and i bought this current ColorIT one. Now however, when i turn my computer on, no display can be seen and all the fans are blowing at high speed (especially the one on the graphics card). So far i have:

1)Opened the PC and cleaned out dust
2)Removed the GPU and tried using my internal display
3)Removed hard drives, ram sticks one by one to see if any are faulty

So far nothing has worked. I doubt this is a power supply problem as its only about 2-3 months old.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

  howard64 12:52 06 Feb 2010

it is not unknown for when a psu blows it can destroy the motherboard. Do you get any beeps from the system when you switch on?

  Crazygeorge3 12:55 06 Feb 2010

No, they're no beeps but if i'm honest i don't think there ever was. I forgot to mention, if i leave it with the fans blowing, it takes longer to turn off by the switch after about a minute, which indicates to me that it has booted in windows.
Thanks for the assistance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:19 06 Feb 2010

If it starts up leds flash on optical drives you can hear fans and hard drive running then it may just be the grphics card that has failed if you can see nothing on the screen.

Try removing and refitting the card to ensure it is making good contact in it slot and retry.

  Crazygeorge3 11:12 07 Feb 2010

I can hear the hard drives spinning and the leds flash on the optical drive. I have tried re fitting the card and that hasn't changed anything, i have also tried refitting the cpu, with no change.

Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:07 07 Feb 2010

Disconnect everything except cpu 1 stick of memoy and graphics , see if it will boot to an error message?

  Crazygeorge3 17:32 08 Feb 2010

Today i replaced the Motherboard and got a new case, still no boot. Psu?

  Crazygeorge3 18:23 08 Feb 2010

I just found an old 300w PSU lying around, it was my old old one that shipped with the pc and still works, i took out there gpu as i knew it would not be powerful enough to run it, and its STILL the same problem. No display at all (i had it hooked up to internal graphics). What is going on? i'm getting beyond annoyed now.

Please, any support would be greatly appreciated.

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