pc wont boot

  wappa 15:49 28 Mar 2007

Hi gang,,need help.had a power cut at home and since then windows will not start,it starts booting up then as it starts loading a blue screen appears for a flash and then begins to reboot,,any suggestions or help to the problem and solving,,thanks gang

  bof:) 16:07 28 Mar 2007

are you getting any beeps at startup? If so how many?

  wappa 16:37 28 Mar 2007

nope,,but to be honest bof,,it never really has done before,,what do ya think

  bof:) 17:41 28 Mar 2007

how are you at disconnecting things inside your casing safely?

If all was ok before the powercut and you have not done anything else other than try and bootup after the powercut it maybe that something inside the pc has blown.

Usually the number of beeps at boot up gives you a clue as to what it may be, but obviously if you are not getting any beeps then this will not be of much help.

So what happens after it tries to reboot? Does it just turn off or hang there ? what can you see on the monitor screen?

  bof:) 17:51 28 Mar 2007

Have you tried pressing the F8 button continually at startup too see if you can get into safe mode ?

  wappa 18:19 28 Mar 2007

lets me in safe mode but as soon as i am in,,it seems the keyboard freezes,its working whilst booting,but as soon as it gets to f8 or f2,f11 etc,it freezes,,thus unable to move arrows when screen appears

  wappa 18:20 28 Mar 2007

in response,,all was cool before power cut

  woodchip 18:49 28 Mar 2007

Corrupt Hard Drive. If you can try starting by keep tapping F8 go to command prompt in list, at Prompt C:\> type FIX /MBR so it looks like this

C:\>FIX /MBR then press enter

  bof:) 18:52 28 Mar 2007

does the mouse work?

if so left click 'my computer', you should see another page showing your drives.

Right click the C: drive (or what ever letter your hard drive is called...most pc's its the c: drive)

Go to 'properties' and left click 'tools'.

Left click 'error checking' and put a tick in 'check now'.

make sure there is a tick in the 2 boxes that appear and left click ok.

You should get a message saying cannot check disk at moment but a checkdisk has been scheduled at next pc startup.

Click ok and restart pc.

Upon restart you should get a page saying a checkdisk has been scheduled....do nothing and let it run a checkdisk

  woodchip 18:58 28 Mar 2007

If you can get to safe mode try a PS/2 mouse and keyboard, Windows drivers are stopping the USB working in safe mode. Then check the boot.ini file in NotePad

  wappa 19:04 28 Mar 2007

i press f8 but thats when keyboard freezes,,it sticks on start windows normally,,il try n get a alternate keyboard and see what happens

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