PC wont boot

  Sidetrax 11:14 30 Apr 2006

I just built a new computer for a friend about a week ago, adn untill now its been working fine.
But now it wont boot up, its a P4 3.0Ghz
and I cant remeber the motherboard but I do remeber checking and finding that it was compatible.

The green light on the motherboard comes on when the power lead is pluged in, but it wont boot. Ive tried checking the little connectors that come from the power button to the motherboard, and they are all in the right places.

Any help would be great thanks.

  ened 11:29 30 Apr 2006

Explain what is happening: Can you get into the BIOS? Are there any beeps? Can you hear fans running etc?
When you say it has been working fine I assume you have loaded OS & software etc?

  Harpur 12:00 30 Apr 2006

ask your friend did they fiddle with any settings. i spent three hours on sunday last trying to find the same problem for a friend. they told there were no settings changed. it couldn't get into the boot screen. as a very last resort i took out the motherboard battery and put it back in. lo and behold it rebooted. turned out they had put on the overclocking setting in nvidia board and it didn't like it.

  Sidetrax 12:08 30 Apr 2006

Well, no fans turn on, no beeps, nothing.
I don't really know much about motherboards, where is the battery?

  ened 12:26 30 Apr 2006

If you built the system yourself you hopefully have a manual for the mobo. In any case the battery looks like a large watch battery and will be apparent if you look at the board.

Unless you have a silent power supply I am confused about having no fans at all because you say you have a light on the mobo therefore the psu is at least providing that much and I would have expected you to hear the fan from it.

What I usually do in these situations is strip the whole thing down and start again, being careful to check every plug as you re-insert it.

Very often, as Harpur implied, these situations are caused by the user doing something and then forgetting about it.

  Harpur 13:50 30 Apr 2006

do you mean that there is no power going to the fans but yet there is a light on? tne fans will run even though the computer is not booting. are you sure the psu connectors are all secure? take the side off and observe carefully what happens in side the machine.... whether the fans do turn and if so what fans. also i assume there is no fan controller connected. post back with all the details you can get including the motherboard details, everything you put in the machine

  Micky 494 17:41 30 Apr 2006

I'd tend to agree with Harpur. Has anyone changed any settings? If you can't remember check with your MoBo manual to find out how to reset the CMOS settings back to factory settings, it's usually a jumper or DIL switch somewhere on the MoBo. Removing the MoBo battery will not necessarily reset the CMOS settings. However, as you say there are no fans running it's more likely to be a problem with the PSU. Remember that the PSU supplies several different voltages so it could be that the MoBo supply is available but you have lost some of the others. Best way to prove this is to substitute the PSU with another if you have access to one. Good luck.

  Micky 494 17:49 30 Apr 2006

Just a thought worth checking, you haven't left a disk in any of the drives have you so that the PC is looking to it to try and boot, (although you normally get a message saying something like "Invalid Boot Disk"). It's a long shot but it costs nothing to check.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:39 30 Apr 2006

Mobo light but no fans = insufficent power from PSU

check all PSU connections are plugged in (4 pin to CPU?)

if no good then test /change PSU

click here

Guide to changing PSU
click here
click here

  Harpur 21:23 30 Apr 2006

as a matter of interest what is the psu wattage and make?

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