pc won't boot up

  mighty_mondo 23:13 28 Apr 2006

i have a packard bell running XP home and when i try to start it it wont boot up. it powers up and goes to a screen that gives me options for safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt or start in normal mode.

problem is none of them do anything! is my pc knackered??

  remind 23:32 28 Apr 2006

It doesn't sound promising. Do you have a recovery or XP CD?

  mighty_mondo 23:35 28 Apr 2006

no although im trying to make a bootdisk from "bootdisk.com" but its hard cos this laptop im using doesnt have a floppy drive!!

  remind 23:45 28 Apr 2006

you need WinISO (click here)and select `load boot information from file` - save the floppy image as .img or .ima and load that, then burn the resulting .iso to a CD.

  mighty_mondo 23:53 28 Apr 2006

i dont see the "load boot information from file" that you say to select.....where is it??

  mighty_mondo 23:59 28 Apr 2006

when i click on that it asks me what file to look in?

  remind 00:02 29 Apr 2006

Thats when you select the floppy image - .ima or .img
You should see Bootable CD appear in the bottom left of the WinISO screen when you've clicked that.

  mighty_mondo 00:05 29 Apr 2006

there is no option of .ima or .img or floppy image

sorry but im a novice and must be missing somthing!

  remind 00:07 29 Apr 2006

Sorry, it's a bit techy. Try these steps click here
Unavoidably techy itself, but Microsoft sourced.

  mighty_mondo 00:10 29 Apr 2006

what do i do when i have the bootable CD thing at the bottom left of the screen?

sorry....please stick with me!!

  remind 00:14 29 Apr 2006

OK, save that as an .iso file - use Save As and name it

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