PC won't boot.

  Danzz 23:14 29 Dec 2005

So I've just come home after a few days away up north on doing the christmas rounds and turn on my desktop PC to find it's not working correctly. What happens is this;

Starts up and passes the bios screen, this is where I'd now expect to see the Windows XP logo and the loading bar but I get a black screen with message saying "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot device and press a key."

When I reset the PC I can enter the set up using F1 and make changes in the bios but at the moment I don't need to as I can't see anything wrong. Also, at the bios screen, and before I enter F1, I still have the option to press F10 and perform a recovery but when I do press F10 nothing happens and the PC boots up to the first message I received about Boot Devices etc etc.

I've also tried booting from factory supplied recovery discs but I then get an on screen error message of " Non-System disk or disk error".

I have now changed the motherboard, like for like, and all the problems still exist so am now thinking that the hard drive is knackered which has confused me somewhat as I thought I'd at least be able to boot from the factory recovery disks ?

  Skyver 23:17 29 Dec 2005

Are your HD/CD/DVD still detected correctly in the BIOS? If you suspect HD failure get some diagnostic software from the relevant manufacturer's site.

  Skyver 23:19 29 Dec 2005
  woodchip 23:20 29 Dec 2005

I think you have got what does not happen much today on modern hard drives, called stickshen where the read heads of the hard drive have stuck to the drive platters. You can try this. Remove the drive from computer and flick it in your hand back and forth with quick twist motion like starting a old wind up clock, this may just get it going. then reconnect and try

  Danzz 23:37 29 Dec 2005

My HDD and DVD's are all recognised correctly in the BIOS, along with the CPU and RAM. I can't dl the maxtor diag tools as neither my Desktop or Laptop have a floppy drive. I shall try to 'wind up' the hard drive to see what happens.

  woodchip 09:56 30 Dec 2005

So did it start

  T0SH 16:49 30 Dec 2005

There is a Max Blast ISO version you can burn to a CD

Cheers HC

  T0SH 17:02 30 Dec 2005

You can also use Bart`s P.E. from the PCA cover disk to make a bootable version of XP from this you can examine and possibly repair your hard drive

Cheers HC

  Danzz 19:12 30 Dec 2005

Nope, nothing is booting at all, whatever I use. Winding the hard drive up didn't work either. Must be pooped.

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