pc wont boot up

  de tha dol? 23:34 17 Feb 2004

hi i got big problems, my sister's pc the problem is that it will not boot up, you turn it on it goes to the first screen witch says
detecting ide primary master-wdc-ac38400l
detecting ide primary slave -samsung cd-rom
detecting ide secondary master - ricoh cd-rw
detecting ide secondary slave - none
then it says cmos checksome error - defalts loading.
but nothing happens it stays at this screen is it something to do with not having a secondary slave?
im not sure my self so if some body can help then i would be a very happy man

  User-312386 23:40 17 Feb 2004

you have not said what operating system it is?

  Tog 07:59 18 Feb 2004

Checksum error means that either the BIOS battery is flat the BIOS has become corrupted somehow.
Go into BIOS and check the time is correct, if not, update it and then turn off for a few minutes. Power back on, if the time is wrong again, change the BIOS battery.

If that makes no difference or the time is OK, reset the BIOS using the jumper (should say where it is in the motherboard manual. If the fault still occurs, you may have to try flashing your BIOS.

  Tog 09:56 18 Feb 2004

Mind you, if it doesn't finish the POST, flashing may be impossible.

  Rennaissance 11:01 18 Feb 2004

definately a new battery is needed like Tog says. A post had the same problem a few weeks back and all suggested a new battery. how much do these things cost anyway?

  de tha dol? 11:42 18 Feb 2004

hi it's windows 98se, the problem is that i cant get in to the BIOS it just goes to that first screen and thats it it doesnt matter if you press delete. or any other button
do you know where i could buy a battery ? and how much they cost?

  Rennaissance 11:50 18 Feb 2004

no idea whereto buy them. but you could try taking the battery out for an hour or so and then replacing it and see if that does any thing. but remember after taking it out your bios settings will be defaulted.

  de tha dol? 12:02 18 Feb 2004

hi there is it easy to sort out the BIOS setting after i take out the battery?

  [email protected]@m 12:06 18 Feb 2004

If you take the battery out, unplug from the mains as well. The bios 'may' go to default, but any problems are easily resolved once the PC starts.

  [email protected]@m 12:12 18 Feb 2004

If it helps, you're not alone! click here

  de tha dol? 12:16 18 Feb 2004

hi i take it that the battery is just a small battery like a watch batt but bigger

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