PC won't boot up

  carlos 11:55 26 Sep 2003

Hi, back to work with a bang!! Got a Dell Optiplex GX 260. Turned it on and it keeps cycling the "Dell" loading bar( black screen with Dell logo with F2 and F12 at the top right) The bar fills then it cycles back to the same thing. Have put the restore CD in to see if it boots from that but when it says to "press any key to boot from CD" it just cycles back to the boot up screen. Running XP prof. Pressed F8 ( and every other key in subsequent goes) with no effect. Only error message that comes up very occassionally is keyboard failure. Tried three othewr fully functional keyboards to no effect. Be very grateful for pointers.
PS been waiting for Dell to reply for three hrs

  MAJ 12:19 26 Sep 2003

It could be the PS2 connection that's at fault, carlos. Has anyone there got a USB keyboard you could try?

  carlos 13:11 26 Sep 2003

will try. I've done everything else, I think. Didn't realise one could get USB keyboards.

  carlos 13:22 26 Sep 2003

Have rung Dell...tried cables, memory, alt E/F, restore disk - must be mobo....engineer out Monday coming. Sometimes it pays to buy backup. Thanks for suggestion tho

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