PC wont boot

  Micky 494 19:25 30 Aug 2003

My Pentium 3 500 Mhz PC runs Windows 98 and refuses to boot on power up. No beeps, no HDD activity. Swapped HDD, still same. Swapped PSU, still same. PSU fan runs, CPU fan runs, red and green led's illuminate on case but thats it. Can't access BIOS, no luck either with Boot discs.
Have checked all cable connections etc, still no joy. any ideas please?

  powerless 19:29 30 Aug 2003

Same as click here

Just give it time and people will respond.

  Boarder 19:36 30 Aug 2003

You should have a start up disc, leave the floppy in drive and boot up puter, then click on optio 1 i think, 'start computer without CD support' at the a prompt type ' sys c: ' (without the ')
the puter will then say 'System transferred' take the disc out, and reboot, et voila, done !

  Micky 494 19:59 30 Aug 2003

Thanks for the reply Powerless, I thought my earlier posting might have received its lot, hence the new posting.
Thanks for that Boarder, tried start up disc as you suggested but still no activity.

  xania 20:35 30 Aug 2003

If you've no beeps, POST is not taking place. You've already checked your poewer supply so I think you've a bigger problem with your mobo. Some have fuses on them, so that may be worth a check, but otherwise I would suspect its a goner.

  Micky 494 20:56 04 Sep 2003

That's right xania, no POST, nothing. Your Mobo suspicion agrees with my line of thinking so I am currently searching the web for new Mobo, CPU and RAM, then rebuild. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the input though, much appreciated.

  Micky 494 16:09 20 Sep 2003

Following the response from fellow PC users in Helproom I have bought a new Mobo and CPU (my old CPU is not supported by new Mobo. Installed both in my PC and Bingo I am now up and running again.
I have also upgraded to 512Mb DDR Ram and Windows XP. CPU is an AMD XP 2600. Thanks once again to all who responded.

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