pc wont boot

  KPC 08:20 02 Aug 2003

a mate of mine has recently had a copy of xp put on his machine and yesterday he tried to boot his computer when the following came on his screen in black and white..

something to do with a hardware problem and then

start with
safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt
last known config
start windows normally

he said he has tried all the options and when he hits enter it brings the win xp start up window...the one with the white strip with blue dots moving left to right and then when you expect the next log on screen, it comes back to the above.....what could be the problem

  KPC 08:37 02 Aug 2003

ok...thanks and also i will try and get more info, but the problem is that surely if he then tried to do one of the following, it should have booted

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