PC won’t turn on, possible cpu or psu damage (?)

  Seba00PL 15:23 13 Feb 2018


I seem to have several issues with my pc or it might just be caused by one component. My pc power button flashes but it won’t turn on. Before this happened my pc would turn off randomly at any point, even at idle, though performance would be normal, around 110–140 fps in e.g cs:go, so just as it should be. Once after it turned off it made 4 beeps and my performance fell by like 3 times ever since, getting 20-45 fps with the quad q9550 2.83ghz and gtx 1050, and pc being laggy and it would even turn off 1 min after being turned on. Additionally, my cpu temp. would show 99C (200F). All fans were running fine though heatsink was a little loud. Pc was also cold and cpu was like 30C max after I took it out. I fixed it by inserting my old, slower cpu dual core e8600 3.3ghz. Pc worked fine, wouldn’t turn off, performance would be worse but it’s obvious due to this cpu. It also showed around 99C on this one. I’m not entirely sure what the problem could be, but I came to a conclusion that either the quad 9550 is somewhat damaged, or the psu doesn’t deliver enough power, since the quad takes 95 watts and the e8600 only 65 watts. My psu is 350 watts and I have a gtx 1050. Pc is also pre-made with cheap but well working components.

Thanks in advance

  Jollyjohn 15:32 13 Feb 2018

I think you have answered your own question - "My PSU is 350 watts...." First thing to try would be a new PSU of at least 600watts.

  Seba00PL 15:58 13 Feb 2018

I did take it into consideration more so than the other options. Though I just read somewhere that even with a weak psu the performance shouldn’t drop but pc will rather just turn off (which, well, it did, but pc is also laggy and under-performing) But I guess you are right and all the other symptoms indicate that. I will buy a new one as soon as I can, thanks for the answer.

  Bris 16:30 13 Feb 2018

You seem to have 2 problems here. The first is the PSU not turning on, this is usually down to a faulty PSU.

The second is the CPU temperature. I dont know what you are using to measure it but 99C is far too high and will result in the PC shutting down. You say that you get the same reading from both CPUs which would suggest that either you have not replaced the thermal paste or that the cooler is clogged with dust.

The first thing to do is give the whole lot a really good blow out especially the CPU cooler as it may not be obvious that its completely clogged with dust.

  Seba00PL 15:36 14 Feb 2018

Thanks for your reply Bris. I actually fixed it yesterday. The problem was so obvious and simple that I didn’t even take it into consideration and skipped it. The cpu wasn’t inserted properly... I did apply proper thermal paste and the temp dropped to mid 60s at idle. I hope I didn’t damage it or overheated it whilst trying to boot it when it was wrongly inserted. Though I still get lower fps in games, and it shows the gpu is 73 degrees, so I will apply some thermal paste there too when I get back home and I’ll see if that finally fixes it.

  alanrwood 16:00 14 Feb 2018

Even mid 60's at idle is a bit too high.Does the case heed a good blow through, case fans dirty. If more than one case fan is the airflow direction correct on both (ie not fighting each other

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