pc wizard

  podlod 11:31 22 May 2010

Hi, I have downloaded the new pc wizard but find now that it does not give you the cpu heat spec in green as before, it has vanished from my desktop. Can anyone inform me on how I can retrieve and replace to my desktop as before, thank you.

  retep888 12:50 22 May 2010

Click and minimise the info panel.

  podlod 09:33 23 May 2010

Hi, that works a treat, but it says that my CPU temp is now running at 98.6 f, surely that is to hot?

  retep888 10:19 23 May 2010

98.6F=37C, perfectly ok.

Time to green tick this thread and the CPU heat one as well? :-)

  podlod 11:20 23 May 2010

Hi, you dont miss a trick! thanks for your help it is just that you read certain items on cpu heat sinks etc and it told me I was running to hot, but I take you at your word, thank you again.

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