PC will not switch on

  Rosemi 08:48 12 Oct 2005

I bought a PC yesterday and it booted up fine when I first had it. I then replaced the heatsink & fan (the other one was damaged) and also set up a wireless pci card. While doing the heatsink I removed the AGD graphics card to get a bit more space. The clips on the heatsink were very tough to fit.
Since then the PC switches on but within 10 seconds it switches off (you can here an audible switch noise). The only way you can restart it is by removing the power lead for a few seconds and then it goes through the same cycle.
I have tried a new power unit & hard drive. My son also noticed that the PC was bootiong up in the first instance from the CD drive (cannot get far enough on the PC to change the boot up order now). Does anyone know what the problem is? Any advise greatfully received. Thanks

  Rosemi 09:03 12 Oct 2005

????? help ?????

  Jim 09:40 12 Oct 2005

Doesn't sound like a hard drive problem, so you should refit the original, as this is probably why the pc is trying to load up from the CD rom. I would check out your graphics card which you refitted to make sure it's fitted properly into the socket. Also check around that you have not dislodged something on the card else or anything close to the card.

  ACOLYTE 09:51 12 Oct 2005

When you removed the heatsink did you also remove the CPU?,and did you re-apply thermal paste to them after also have you put the heatsink on the right way.

  mgmcc 09:56 12 Oct 2005

<<<The clips on the heatsink were very tough to fit. Since then the PC switches on but within 10 seconds it switches off (you can here an audible switch noise).>>>

I just hope you haven't done what I did - fitted the heatsink the wrong way round and destroyed the processor at the same time! In my case, I now have a faster processor and an Athlon instead of the original Duron, but it wouldn't be funny with a new PC.

  seedie 09:56 12 Oct 2005

I reckon you've got a partial short circuit somewhere. That click you hear sounds like the cut out operating and you reset it by disconnecting the power plug.


  Rosemi 09:57 12 Oct 2005

Thanks for the responses ACOLYTE & JIM. The heatsink was brand new and had paste on it. I however did not realise that there was a particular way to put the heatsink on. If it is on the worng way around will this cause the problem as explained above?

  jimv7 09:59 12 Oct 2005

Is the reset button jammed in as this would cause restarts as well.

  ACOLYTE 10:11 12 Oct 2005

It may do if the heat sink is not properly seated on the CPU it wont be doing its job and cooling it,so the pc turns of to try to save the CPU from burning out.It doesnt take a lot of time,a few seconds really to burn out a CPU.You could try removing it again and putting it on the other way,and hopfully the CPU will be ok.Another thing you could try is removing the PCI card until the pc is up and running that way it will eliminate that as a potential problem.

  Rosemi 11:10 12 Oct 2005

Thanks for your advice....I will do some fiddling about tonight & let you know how I get on.

  Rosemi 21:47 12 Oct 2005

I have tried an Athlon 2400 xp processor in the PC that does not work (the problem one was an Athlon 2000) and it did not work. The 2400 processor does work (I am using it now). I tried another graphics card, tried the individual sticks of memory one at a time, took out the belkin pci card etc etc.

The heatsink was the wrong way around previously, but would this have damaged the cpu as the heatsink was on top of it?

The PC stays on all the time now but there is no signal reaching the monitor and the PC does not sound as if it is booting up...no beeps etc.

Any one have any ideas?

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