PC will not switch on

  Severn Bore 19:45 24 Sep 2004

PC has been working fine until moved from one room to another. Now there is no reaction when the PC is switched on. It is effectively a dead PC! I have checked mains power and connecting leads and all is OK. I also checked the fuse in the PCs power module and this is intact. Also no signs of burnt wires, etc or loose connections.
Can anyone advise how I can check that it is not just a faulty power switch (can I temporarily bypass it?) or power module?
Thanks in anticipation.

  Gongoozler 20:00 24 Sep 2004

You can usually check that all is ok up to the power connector by borrowing the connection to the monitor. The two leads are generally similar. The monitor generally has a power on indicator light which changes colour when the monitor is active, so you can use this to confirm that there is power getting through.

You can easily bypass the computer power switch if you are bold enough to touch the power switch pins on the motherboard. If you can identify these pins, simply short them momentarily together.

The only way to really check the power supply is by substition. A cheap PSU is not much more than £5, and is of surprisingly good quality for so little money. You need to make sure that the power rating is sufficient, but this is a 300W supply click here, and this one is 500W click here.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:39 24 Sep 2004

Is there a switch at the back of the pc, where the power cable plugs in, it should be set to 1, if it is set to 0 then this may be the fault....TT

  Dorsai 20:55 24 Sep 2004

Have you perhaps acidently switched the PSu to USA 110V? Some PSu's have a small switch type thingy for this.

Otherwise, did the move knock somting inside the box adrift? Like the Power cable to the Board, or the GFX card?

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