PC will not start without error msgs-HELP!!!!!!!!!

  SiameseFeline 04:52 09 Jul 2004

We have a spare PC my husband uses for games and I sometimes use for the Internet.It was my first PC and it worked okay for ages and ages (it was secondhand) I have a lot of my old stuff stored on it.It has Windows ME,56K,198MB of memory and does not have a CD-RW but can play cd's.
Of late, everytime it was switched on it appeared to start, then a message appeared saying it cannot find shortcut to Explorer and close or continue. If we press close the PC shuts down. If we press continue the error box wont go.I, very stupidly, went into the bit where you press F8,and nother F numbers, and unticked all the boxes and then I fiddled some more and now the whole thing is messed up.
Can I use the Windows ME disc (if I can find it) and just reload the whole thing or even better can I install Windows XP with the CD I have that came with this computer. My son told me to F-disc it!!!(I am sure that is not rude) then re boot. As he is in Bahrain long telephone conversations are out so I am still lost.Boot what?F-disc what? How? Can anyone help save the poor machine or is a dead duck. So many error messages come up that I cannot even remember them all. ....something.dll, rundll, the one I mentioned above, win something- oh the list is endless. I am willing to lose the stuff I have on there (mainly pics of my grandchildren) rather than buy a new PC.ANY help welcome-in plain English if possible- we are silver surfers (I HATE that phrase)after all. It all sounds complicated and I am not certain I have the original (or a floppy) of Windows ME. Oh the PC has Norton on. This one has AVG on. I purchased Norton 2004 but someone said it was not as good as the free AVG. Any help there would be useful.
Thank you to ANYONE who managed to read this and understand it and if you can help please please do.
Thanks a million.

  Androcles 07:00 09 Jul 2004

Find the ME disc and do a reinstall.Then you can
try to upgrade to XP.The reinstall should only take about 30 mins.Don,t forget you are restoring to "As new".If you decide to continue with ME and not upgrade you will need to install Virus scanner,Firewall etc before going on the net!Hope this helps.
Ps. the reinstall will perform the F-disc your son recommended.

  woodt 11:18 09 Jul 2004

If you reinstall windows and format the disk FDISK then you will loose any data stored on the hard drive that you might want to retrieve.

  woodt 11:32 09 Jul 2004

Try click here;en-us;306599 or just type the error message into the Google search bar, its amazing what you can find out.

  woodt 12:45 09 Jul 2004

Sorry the above link didnt work. Try this

click here;en-us;306599

  woodt 12:47 09 Jul 2004

Wrong again the link should be


with http:// at the front

  bof:) 12:58 09 Jul 2004

Hi SiameseFeline,

Are you saying that you have both Nortons antivirus and AVG on your PC? If you have it is generally accepted here thats it is not a good idea to have 2 virus checkers on your pc at the same time. They can conflict with each other.

Did you problems begin whilst you had 2 virus checkers on your pc of after you installed the second one? You could try uninstalling one of the virus checkers...turning your pc off and back on again to see if this makes any difference.

Can you remember exactly what the error message or messages you get when you start your pc actually say...word for word if at all possible.


  SiameseFeline 22:05 09 Jul 2004

The precise error message that comes up when we switch the PC on is
An error has occurred in your programme. To keep working anyway click IGNORE and save your work in a new file. To quit this programme click CLOSE. You will lose information since your last save

IF we click close the PC goes off. If we click Ignore the box will not go. I noticed Norton popped up everytime in the toolbar so uninstalled it but that never made any difference. It was not as though we had connected to an ISP -that PC at present isn't connected to the phone line.

SO it looks like the F disc is going to be the answer. Now-sorry people- I cannot find the original ME disc what do I do then.?

Oh Mike- the antivirus AVG is on MY own PC -this one. I also have a brand new Norton Antivirus 2004 but have not installed it yet for the reasons you mentioned. Which is best- any ideas?

Thanks for the link woodt -will try that also.
My husband has actually managed to get the PC on and is playing Backgammon (oh he is exciting to live with -ha ha-), the duff PC that is but I am now loath to connect to the Internet which is what I had done before all these problems and was slowly transferring the grandchildren's photos to this machine, as I have uninstalled Norton now. It gets worse and worse.Will try and make a written note of any error messages when I am on my own -it is hopeless with my husband sat there wittering-maybe the poor thing has a chance of life after all. (He just WON a backgammon game against the PC and got really excited- not THATS what I call FUN..NOT!!!!) Thanks for the help everyone. Anymore gratefully received especially if I cannot find the Windows ME start up disc.

  bof:) 17:16 10 Jul 2004

Hi SiameseFeline, if you have windowsME and you can get the pc up and running (if not connected to the net) have you tried doing a system restore?

If I remeber correctly its in start...programs...accessories...system tools...system restore.

try and see if there is a system restore point that was sent at a date before PC started to play up.

CAUTION... everything personal you put on your PC since that date will be lost ie letters photographs programs etc.

with regards to nortons and AVG its down to personal choice I think. On my PC Nortons slowed it down so I use AVG its free and the updates are also free.

Nortons you have to pay for initially and later for the updates and some on this site say its better than AVG cos 'you only get what you pay for'.

I also run adaware6 this is a free program that catches spyware and malware. This is also a free program.


  SiameseFeline 21:26 11 Jul 2004

Hi again
My previous post gave one error message word for word. My husband just managed to get onto the game Pyramid (not on internet) and the same error message as the Explorer one came up. Do you generally think the best thing is to start again? I dont have a suitable restore point. IF I cant find Windows ME disc what do I do then? Thanks everyone for being so patient. Oh, Mike, I have AVG and will keep it but I have the free Spybot. Is that okay do you think.

Any help from anywhere welcomed.


  TommyRed 22:00 11 Jul 2004

Spybot, Ad-Aware and AVG are great, for free, if you remember to check for updates regularly, AVG I check everytime I go online, Spybot, Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster (stops spyware installing in first place click here) I check every few days. HTH TR

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