PC will not start properly

  rambo84 00:02 09 Mar 2010

I have a home built system with dfi inf 975x/g mobo,4gb ocz ram, 500gb western digital sata and q6600 quad and ati 1650 graphics card.
I have been having issues for some time - the pc was randomly restarting with no apparent reason.
Eventually 1 of the error messages suggested a graphic driver issue so I reinstalled the graphics card using downloaded driver. no change.
I have scanned the system with several anti-virus, anti spyware, rootkit and reg repair programs.
eventualy i formatted the system reinstalling xp64. no change.
As a last resort i took the pc apart and reseated processor, ram, graphics, power and hd, also reseated the cmos battery to reset the bios as the last crash occured during a bios update.
Now the PC has no video output. when the pc is started fans, hd etc all come on, there are no beeps and also nothing on the monitor. Even with no RAM modules we get no beeps although we do get beeps if the cpu fan doesn't start( accidentally got stuck).
I have also tried some spare RAM modules I had lying around.

Can anyone suggest anything else I can try.

I don't know if the bios or mobo are going to be the issue. Is it worth while replacing the board?

Should I be replacing the graphics as it seemed to be original issue and we have no visual output?

Is it a power issue as suggested on alot of similar posts?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

  skidzy 06:26 09 Mar 2010

" also reseated the cmos battery to reset the bios as the last crash occured during a bios update"

You may well now have a corrupt bios chip but before replacing the board i would swap out the psu.
You have not mentioned the make/model and power of the current psu...is this up to the job ?

Looking at your system spec, you really should be looking at a a branded psu unit of around 600 watts.

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