pc will not start or boot past scandisk

  Never again 11:42 16 Dec 2003

This is a friends old pc running windows 98 and I'm not sure what spec it is apart from it was running ok at some stage.

He called me last week as he could not boot into windows and I told him to run scandisk thorough in safe made and this seemed to sort his problem out as it repaired some bad sectors on his hdd.

It is now performing a scandisk cycle that picks up an error on a normal scandisk and then tries to run a thorough scandisk that does not complete as something is writing to his drive. when this happens the error message says that windows will restat in normal scandisk but any errors detected may not be corrected.

A final error message says that the disk is seriously damaged and that the damaged parts contain critical information, and gives him the option to perform scandisk again.... and so the above cycle starts again.

Does anyone think that this drive is salvagable with any 3rd party download or any other methods or ideas.

  xania 13:27 16 Dec 2003

It could be that you have some important windows files damaged, and the system is trying to repair. If you can load windows in Safe mode, try running SFC to see if this repairs anything. Then try uninstalling and reinstalling all your hardware drivers. Then, I would try reinstalling Windows over the top. If all else fails, you might try reformatting your drive and reinstalling Windows from scratch.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:31 16 Dec 2003

If the hdd drive is damaged to bad you may need to get a new hdd,i would anyway if it showing bad sectors hdd have backup sectors so if it showing up as bad in scandisk its about ready for the scrap heap.


  Never again 06:31 18 Dec 2003

Sorry it took so long to get back as I had to relay the postings to my friend who then had to try them.

Anyway, he ran sfc in safe mode and it fixed some files (taken fron c/windows/options/cabs)as you can't access the windows cd in safe mode. Then he ran scandisk again and rebooted.

on a normal reboot it just goes into the scandisk cycle as described above and doesn't finish loading windows.

is this Hdd a dodo?

  PA28 08:30 18 Dec 2003

Doesn't look too good does it? First action is to get any data files backed up - do this from Safe Mode or, if necessary, by booting up in DOS from either the hard drive (F8 on bootup and select Command Prompt) or a floppy.

Once all important data files are safe, make sure you've got all program disks and drivers. Then I would strip the drive back by using fdisk (remove the existing partition and then replace it) and then format. Then a clean reinstall of Windows 98. This should fix any OS software issues and if all is then OK the Hard Drive should be OK for now - but watch it carefully!

  Never again 10:52 18 Dec 2003

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I have a spare old 3gb hdd which I am going to swap for this one, as I don't want to spend hours reinstalling windows on a dodgy hdd and then have to do it again when this doesn't work.

I've just got to brush up my memory on what to do and in what order (fdisk and then format and reinstall dos and then windows I think).

Have a nice christmas everyone

ps is there an easy way to save all his favourites to floppy, and is there also a way to find out his internet password as he has forgotten it since it was set up a few years ago.

  xania 19:52 18 Dec 2003

<Start><Find><Files or Folders> then look for 'Favorites' on the C:\ drive a drag to floppy.

Re password, the only way I know is to contact the ISP customer services. Use e-mail if possible, especially if htey only have a premium rate line.

  PA28 14:16 19 Dec 2003

Yep - your recollection is about there but no need to install DOS as such - you should be able to run Windows Setup.exe as soon as you have reformatted as you will have created the DOS partition by that stage. If you're replacing the hard drive anyway, then why not get your friend to invest a few pounds (they're pretty cheap these days)in something a bit bigger and more useful than 3Gb? The job's the same either way, so this would be value for money (and to think that in years gone by a 1gb drive was regarded as enormous!). C'est la vie, as they say in Spain!

  Never again 14:29 21 Jan 2004

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I've reformatted in the end with my spare 3gb hdd.

Is is worth me trying anything out on the 6gb drive i've taken out in case some of it can be used at a later date?

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