PC will not start after sleep mode

  James Weston 12:52 13 Aug 2005

Hi. When i put my computer into sleep mode by pressing the sleep key on my Microsoft USB keybord my pc went off and the blue power light started flashing when i tried to wake it back up it refused to start back up so i switched it off at the mains switch and then switched it back on and now it will not even come on
Please Help.
James Weston

  jack 15:09 13 Aug 2005

If all of what you related took place over a short period of time. say a minute or two- then perhaps it needs to have a rest.
Try after a couple of hours- then report what happens
I assume you are sending this via another computer.
Sleep/Stand by/hibernate, cal all be tempermental at times.

  James Weston 21:35 13 Aug 2005

It has been to days since this happend i am thinking of buying a new pc

  VoG II 21:45 13 Aug 2005

Can you describe exactly whay happens when you switch it on? e.g. do fans run etc.

  James Weston 23:35 13 Aug 2005

Nothing. none of the fans kick in the only thing that happens if the power cable is in the lights on my network hub that the computer is pluged into come on and their is a slight moment when my pda starts charging via usb but i only last for less than a second

  Giggle n' Bits 23:47 13 Aug 2005

Reading the above sounds like your motherboard has failed. you can still get a burst of Elec to your hub.

At this Stage I would try and Clear the CMOS first but doing this would mean re-configure of the BIOS and if your not expierienced could cause more problems.

If after clearing the CMOS and still the same I would stick to the Motherboard has failed.

Is your computer either a Time/Tiny or Packard Bell as these systems have low wattage PSU's

Ref Keyboard, Especially where WinXP is installed the Software IntelliType Pro v5.2 needs to be installed to make this keyboard function correctly with your system. This download is available from Microsoft download centre.

I would also check you Graphics driver maybe reinstall and also if you have a Via or Intel chipset reinstall the chipset control driver.

Ok, so the main problem is getting back into windows.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:48 13 Aug 2005

Manchester or Cheshire area ? I would be willing to help.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:48 13 Aug 2005

Manchester or Cheshire area ? I would be willing to help.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:48 13 Aug 2005

Manchester or Cheshire area ? I would be willing to help.

  James Weston 16:16 14 Aug 2005

I have tryed to cler the CMOS but this have no effect and i have the latest version of intellitype Pro installed i have all so tryed both of my installed graphics cards bout none of them make any difference.

And thanks Speedbird 085 but i live in the Walsall area but thanks any way for the offe :-)

  howard60 16:17 14 Aug 2005

unplug all usb cables these have been known to stop pcs booting

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