andyopera 23:34 12 Oct 2008

Hi there
I Have just put a new power supply,motherboard and bios in a micro atx tower
i have connected the old hard drive and dvd drive
when i turn the computer on the power light is red and the fans are running psu and cpu.
but nothing else is happening.
No video signel and no beeps from bios
Can anyone help please

TIA Andrew

  Forum Editor 23:54 12 Oct 2008

that the first thing to do in such circumstances is to double-check all connections to the motherboard and power supply.......but I'll say it anyway.

When you say you have added a new BIOS what do you mean exactly? The BIOS is on the motherboard - it's there when you buy it, and you can't have updated it if the computer doesn't run. If the BIOS isn't operating there's something fundamentally wrong - double-check all those connections and post again if things still aren't right.

  andyopera 00:20 13 Oct 2008

Well i have tried another battery in motherboard as well to see if that was the problem
when i say new i should say second hand but newly fitted. sorry about that
AS for the connections i have tried reseating them
and in addition there doesnt appear to be any lose connections
Cant understand it.
Just might be the tower power switch thats faulty
any advise TIA
the power supply is running and the fans but nothing else
power light is on also

  DieSse 00:31 13 Oct 2008

"Just might be the tower power switch thats faulty"

Not if some things start up.

Possible issues :-

Badly seated or faulty RAM

Badly seated or faulty Processor.

Faulty motherboard

Underpowered or faulty PSU

Badly seated or faulty graphics card (or any other card.

Wrongly connected drives (cables the wrong way round), or faulty cables.

  lotvic 00:44 13 Oct 2008

As it is secondhand, is it known that the motherboard is in working condition?
what make/model motherboard?
do you have the manual?
has it got onboard graphics or do you need a card fitted?
Are the memory stick(s) okay?

try disconnecting the HDD and DVD and only leave one mem stick (in slot one) and boot up - see if the bios screen appears then

Oh, and is the light on the monitor green or orange
(signal being sent to the monitor = green)
or does the monitor display message of no signal and go into standby?

  andyopera 06:57 13 Oct 2008

Just looking into the REMAINDER of the above
although, just add it has onboard graphics, 350 w psu,cables are not the wrong way round, moniter is orange
and displays no signal.
motherboard is IM845GV
The dvd drive does not open cant understand this
no lights nothing

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