pc will not start

  [DELETED] 23:53 08 Apr 2006

My PC has been running on Windows XP SP2 for a couple of years with no problems until a couple of weeks ago when it decided to power on directly from the mains switch i.e. no need to press the power button on the front of the case.

This kept happening and then I got a Checksum error and had to press F1 to load the default settings to get Windows to load. This happened for a couple of times until I was unable to start at all. The POST screen got as far as recognising the processor and that was it. I could not even get into the BIOS.

I thought it might be a problem with the battery so I replaced this and at first got the same no go problem but after pressing the rest button everything loaded. I had to go back into the BIOS to change the default settings (it wasn't recognising the processor as the right speed) and for about a week everything was back to its original state.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself at curing the problem for the price of a battery but today, although I can use the power button OK, I had the same "no go" at start up. After pressing reset at least 10 times it has eventually fired up with no change to BIOS settings.

However I am now scared to turn it off!! Do I need a new motherboard?
Or is it some sort of loose connection or problem with the power supply?
I have checked all connections and hadn't opened the case prior to the power problem. If it is a motherboard problem as people suggest, how come it was going OK after I replaced the battery?

Any ideas anyone?

  RobCharles1981 23:59 08 Apr 2006

Have you got a spare powersupply too try out first ??

  [DELETED] 21:38 10 Apr 2006


I was thinking along the same lines.

My PC is back to normal again but I am not confident it will remain that way. I think it has suffered some sort of power surge problem so I will try a new PSU first if it goes wrong again.

Thanks for the suggestion.

  RobCharles1981 22:29 10 Apr 2006

That would be my advice try another powersupply too test out if thats the case get a new powersupply of not a new mobo is needed

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