pc will not start

  iqs 10:05 06 Jan 2006

hello all...windows me.....yesterday my friends pc crashed and he is unable to switch the pc back on.he can not even access the bios.i think he may have a virus?.the reason why i say this is due to a voice saying ha ha before the pc crashed.
like i said the pc will not switch on,but there is power.can anyone offer any advice.many thanks,mike

  billyliv 10:52 06 Jan 2006

Change hard drive and re-instal ME. Deploy a boot sector Anti Virus program. instal and format infected drive as slave. Bill

  billyliv 10:54 06 Jan 2006

Sounds like he has opened a 'This is beautiful' e.mail.

  iqs 12:44 06 Jan 2006

Hello billyliv,and many thanks for your help.He could probably do as you suggested if the Pc would at least load the bios.All that happens when the power switch is pressed ,is the lights on the tower and keyboard flash???.Hope to here from you soon.cheers ,mike

  ACOLYTE 13:33 06 Jan 2006

He could try a spare CPU if he has one,the symptoms described could be caused by a failed CPU.What he could do to be sure is load the hard drive as a slave drive to another pc,and run a virus scan on it that way.

  iqs 21:54 07 Jan 2006

Hi all and many thanks for your suggestions.Still having issues,no change.Possibly time for a new Pc.Once again thanks.Regards,mike

  Zeppelyn 22:31 07 Jan 2006

Have you tried taking out the CMOS battery and reinserting after 30 secs. That should load the default BIOS settings.

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